Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photographs and Memories

Do You Hear The People Sing?

I Dreamed A Dream...

Yes, indeed.

Bring 'em Home.


my les miserables experience and more pics to follow in the next couple of days.


-Teresa- said...

Hi Bill! You're finally in the Big Apple! I left a comment last time on my first visit to your site specifically on your entry about Les Miz. Anyway, I can see you're having a good time in NYC. You're so lucky you have a photo with Lea! We waited for her to come out of the theater when we watched her last Match 9th, but we were less fortunate than you. Since we watched the late Friday night show, she might have stayed inside for a while. When I watched her in Miss Saigon, she emerged right away from the theater after the show. Anyway, I live in North Jersey and had I known your NYC schedule, we could have planned to meet up in NYC. Me and my friends would have enjoyed meeting a kababayan. There's not that much Filipinos in our area. There's only the 3 of us in our group. Have a good time and please post more of out photos. Take care!

Gina said...

you lucky YOU! =)

vernaloo said...

oh my God!!! is that Lea Salonga or is that Lea Salonga?

ohhh I'm so green with envy!

mitsuru said...


yup, sayang ano, sana nagkita tayo in person para nagka kilala tayo.:) well, i got lucky coz my original plan was to watch lea on april 9 but i couldn't find a ticket so i settled for the 10th. it turned out good coz she was under the weather nung 9th so di siya nag perform. LOL



you could still watch her til june. here's her official website-

--there are links there to her friendster, myspace and multiply accounts. lots of photos too. personal nyang mina- manage ang mga sites.


she's so nice and very pretty. she's my crush from way, way back. na star- struck ako. LOL

-Teresa- said...

Hi Bill! You seem to be starsighting on this NYC visit hehehe This is so much fun. It's good you also found Lea's personal sites. Somebody sent me a nice video of her singing Via Dolorosa ( the Westpoint Academy Glee Club and it linked me to her website that is still under contruction. It contains links to her personal website though. It's so nice of her to provide her admirers and supporters a way to glimpse at her personal life through her myspace, friendster and multiply accounts. She is such a giving person sharing with us precious photos behind the stage. If you've already browsed through her pages, I'm sure you'd agree if I say motherhood and marriage becomes here. She is truly an admirable woman worthy of emulating by the younger Filipina generation. Til when you staying in NYC by the way?

mitsuru said...


i guess, you're right.

just watched the matinee for A Moon for the Misbegotten and Phantom of the Opera in the night

Mama Mia is the order of the day later. LOL

btw, i'll be staying til saturday morning april 14. :)

-Teresa- said...

I've seen Mama Mia in LA in 2002. You would love it. Be prepared to dance and sing along with the cast. It's a very feel good show. Have fun!

aw, you're leaving this Saturday. Me and my friends are planning a girls day out in NYC next week. Well, there's always another time. If you happen to come back sooner than you thought, make sure to holler so we can plan to meet up. It's really great to hang out with kababayans. My friends and I feel so isolated up here in North Jersey, we welcome every opportunity to be with fellow Filipinos. Have fun!

mitsuru said...

tnx a lot and i'll do just that. :)

annamanila said...

I thought you were Japan based ... so you have been moving around --- and watching boadway shows -- and having pictures taken with the Pinoy pride de Miz Lea Salonga. What a life!

mitsuru said...

lagalag po ako. :)

yup. pinoy pride talaga sa lez miz si lea salonga. :)

it was a dream come true, really. i am a fan since way, way back & crush ko pa nga. LOL

vina said...

lucky you!

Analyse said...

hey, would it be easy to get a ticket? or do i have to reserve thru internet... ill be somewhere around the area mid may and im dying to see les miserables.. any advice.. im just checking your NY experience..

mitsuru said...


try theatermania, you can get discounts there by almost 40%. just sign up for the free membership. you can call them too toll free that way you can ask the service rep for a good seat and they'll email you the tickets.

and it's hard to get tickets at the booth since pipila ka pa.

make sure to get center mezzanine rows a to d or center orchestra para ok ang view mo since broadhurst (same with the majestic for phantom of the opera) is a big one compared with the other theaters sa broadway.

good luck and hope you'll enjoy the show.

analyse said...

thanks! that's helpful! ill try that.

Analyse said...

sorry po, mangungulit lang.. i will be staying in dickson city (pennsylvania) on my stay there, cant change that, ill be there for work.. ill be renting a car, and thinking of taking the car on my visit to new york (2h drive).. where could i park it na may access to public transportation, yung hindi na ko papasok sa city center.. pls advice naman po..ty

mitsuru said...


aside fr the thrill and adventure; wala ng ibang reason for you to drive for 2 hours fr pennsylvania to nyc.

maraming one way- streets sa manhattan but may gps naman ang kotse so that's not a prob.

NY is jst like Mla although mas matrapik sa atin but mabagal ang takbo snce congested na. sa NY ambibilis nila & i saw how drivers would cut you, blow their horns, no signal lights, etc.

there are a lot of parking lots in manhattan and the theater district but it will cost you depende on how long you plan to stay there.

i suggest it's better to fly, it's cheaper, it's faster pa less than an hour ata fr penn. transpo fr the airport is not a prob. you can flag a cab for $45 flatrate to anyplace in manhattan & vice-versa. city ordinance yan sa nyc plus the cstmary tip of course.

& contrary also to popular beliefs, the taxis are safe and it's cheap. no prob with my dominican, jamaican, indian, pakistani, etc drivers n nasakyan ko as long as sa manhattan ka lang iikot. lahat yata immmigrant mga cab drivers dun :).

maiikot mo na mga museums and other places sa wall street & manhattan for less than $20 per trip kasama na tip dyan.

or you let find a package for you like i did. ikaw gagawa ng itinerary mo for the flight/hotel/shuttle. wala ng hassle. make sure to choose the hotel na midtown manhattan or times square ang address. not those in jamaica, nassau, queens, etc. kasi mura yan but ang lalayo na.

you can try the maquis or westin- times square since pag labas mo less than 50 meters broadhurst theater na, katabi pa yung the majestic sa phantom of the opera naman and the shubert theater for spamalot.

basta choose the hotel na nasa times square if ever, walking distance na lahat; rockefeller center, st. patricks cathedral, pati phil consulate ksi nasa 5th ave rin, central park, MoMA, empire state bldg, madison sq garden, etc.

you can email me at for more questions and info.

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