Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jailhouse Rock!

In case you haven't seen this one on YouTube.

This is the video of the prisoners/ inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) in the Philippines dancing to Michael Jackson's superhit Thriller...

There are mixed views and reviews on this one but I won't add my opinion to the growing list.

All I can say is-- most Filipinos are really born dancers. ha-ha.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Trading Barbs

I was browsing on the AOL website when I saw the news about the conviction of US Marine Leandro Aragoncillo for spying wherein he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his crime.

I logged in to the comment section and saw a lot of negative things about the Philippines and the Filipino people.

I am no fan of Aragoncillo and I don’t like his bosses in the Philippines especially but when other people began lambasting us and giving their ignorant and obscure views of the case, I was compelled to do what every Filipino should do and is capable of doing---roll with the punches and give them what they deserved in return.

Many comments were obviously from ignorant readers and since I have nothing else to do I decided to join the fray and give them hell if there is such a thing. Or at least give them my Piso- worth take on their issues and before I knew it I was on the warpath and everybody was fair game.

I don’t know if I succeeded but as of this writing the ones who commented and insulted us were nowhere to be heard of- after I gave them insults for their slurs. Tit-for-tat, huh? We also know how to throw these stuffs if the situation merits it, di po ba? Ha-ha.

I highlighted my barbs and and counter- barbs against some American bigots and idiots lurking in the AOL website. Here are some of them, read on...

Billmitsuru70 06:59:51 PM Jul 18 2007

tessied702 06:55:02 PM Jul 18 2007


>another white trash. spewing venomous accusations to the filipino people but plans to retire there. yeah, right. you're pathetic.

Billmitsuru70 07:01:46 PM Jul 18 2007

Williamssteve59 06:56:47 PM Jul 18 2007


>from one white monkey to another monkey. really, uneducated ignoramuses that so plainly define many americans today.

Billmitsuru70 07:09:00 PM Jul 18 2007

Williamssteve59 07:05:12 PM Jul 18 2007

no habla espanol senor I livein america
or how about this hey *********** ...ok that is who lives in america today idiot ...most like either a monkey or a wetback..or the king of jews in defending this moron

>hey this post shows that you have nothing between your ears but air. pathetic, really pathetic. it shows that you're a moron and an imbecile to the nth degree. lol

msgooch 07:09:26 PM Jul 18 2007

I don't understand how someone can spy for Joseph Estrada...he is such an idiot!!!
Anyway, I am glad no one was killed in this act...what motive he had, I don't know!!!
Maybe, MONEY????????

I just hope that things go well for us out here in the USA!!! Some generation of Filipinos....(the younger ones) do not understand how AMERICA built that country...and how the Americans worked so hard to bring civilization there. I myself with American ancestry...hurt so much to see that country gone to the is truly a government of fools out there. I am just so glad I made it here...but the rest of them are starving...lots of Amerasian kids specially those born out of hit and run GI's in Clark, Subic...sad but true.

The veterans of the WWII joined my dad in trying to annex the Philippines like Hawaii...what idiots our leaders then were...because now they have to come here even as illegals just to earn their keeps. If they listened then and they were not so anti-American...they would

Billmitsuru70 07:13:31 PM Jul 18 2007


you're an example of a typical american idiot. know your facts and history firsty before you open your mouth otherwise you shut up because you're just making a fool of yourself.

go back to school or better still read about history esp about what you just posted here and you'll be enlightened and not be pictured as another ignoramus and plain american. you disgrace yourself by doing that.

Billmitsuru70 07:26:03 PM Jul 18 2007

Williamssteve59 07:22:28 PM Jul 18 2007

my poing exactly why blacks and mexicans are is to the 9th degree and did you really lol ..oh well our education system shows how much people like you come out of it....

>my point exactly. you don't know what you're talking about and you're just exposing yourself as an assinine and white trash who is ignorant and uneducated. better to widen your perpective and not be too engrossed infront of the idiot box while mucnhing potato chips. move your lazy ass and exercsie your atrophic brain cells.

Billmitsuru70 07:46:27 PM Jul 18 2007

tesmith1 07:40:51 PM Jul 18 2007

He's a flip. what did we expect.

>yeah right! and what do you expect from your end, huh? invade countries so you can kill their children for oil. so that you can live in your luxury while waiting for your social security. lazy ass :0

Billmitsuru70 07:52:52 PM Jul 18 2007

jshafferd 07:44:47 PM Jul 18 2007

It is apparent that there is one sure way of getting close to the U.S. And that is, as long as those who claim to have some American ties because they were born in the U.S. or that there father is/was an American GI are able to enlist in the U.S. military and obtain secret materials based on their job. The U.S. will always be vulnerable because the foreign governments or agencies keep close ties on their comrades who are/have join the U.S. military. Unfortunately, they are gladly to provide that. There are those who hold true to their heritage and not turn their backs on the one country who provided an opportunity for them to better themselves and their families.

>yeah right. this is what happens when "proud americans" like you let other people do their dirty war for them so that their lazy ass can watch football, munch on potato chips and drink cold beers infront of the idiot box.

Billmitsuru70 07:55:03 PM Jul 18 2007

kpatl5 07:51:26 PM Jul 18 2007

mcmahon687..Filipino's have a long way to go before they on anybody's average scale become the most educated people in this country... you must be talking about the PI....otherwise it appears you must of inhaled too much volcanic ash, ate too much monkey and dog meat, and apparently have smoked to much bamboo stalk..I will say certainly have been conditioned to believe that you are better than everyone are the best but snorklers that I have seen in trying to get what you want.....

>yeah another ignorant white trash. but i tell you this you are the best whiners and users of the world. pathetic

Billmitsuru70 08:18:10 PM Jul 18 2007

bcfortune 08:10:08 PM Jul 18 2007

the phillippinos get inside our government and steal our top secrets as one of us???
what next

>yeah, as if the american government had'nt stole anything from the Filipinos. Read or know your history before you open your ignorant mouth. :)

Billmitsuru70 08:19:17 PM Jul 18 2007


another ignoramus. read and understand your history and you'll know why. it is really true that "little learning is a dangerous thing.":

Billmitsuru70 08:21:02 PM Jul 18 2007

esparky35 08:09:28 PM Jul 18 2007

how did the janitor get acees to such dealings??????????????????????????

they should be carefel were they put the laundry

>obviously the lazy- ass master is in the sofa having a beer and chewing on chips while watching his football or soap opera in the idiot box.

Billmitsuru70 08:26:20 PM Jul 18 2007

yeah, hang him and hang all the prisoners in gitmo.:) i say, death to all spies. lol.
i think all this brouhaha is because it is contrary to the american way.

america screws the world and not the other way around much less from a third world country like the Philippines. :0

Billmitsuru70 08:28:35 PM Jul 18 2007

Williamssteve59 08:27:11 PM Jul 18 2007

typical monkey or fag

>it takes one to know one, eh? lol

Billmitsuru70 08:33:15 PM Jul 18 2007

hyoung3595 08:31:17 PM Jul 18 2007


>you're pathetic. you're obviously a white trash. go drink your bud, eat your potato chips and feel sorry about yourself and blame everybody about your troubles except yourself being lazy and ignorant.

Billmitsuru70 08:36:07 PM Jul 18 2007

Voncoles 08:31:51 PM Jul 18 2007

This appears to me to be just another case in hand, a diversion to something far greater. If Mr. Aragoncilla intent was primarily to help the poor people of the Philippines, perhaps he should have made an appeal to Dick Cheney, instead of underminding the people of the United States. My question is this, how much time will he really serve? We really need to get together. Dammit, anybody can be an american citizen, just join the army!

>yeah right. if you really love your country you pseudo - patriots then fight your country's war and not let these so- called non- americans fight your dirty war and die so that your lazy asses can continue watching your favorite sports on the idiot box and rely on social security for a living.

Billmitsuru70 08:39:23 PM Jul 18 2007

hyoung3595 08:36:38 PM Jul 18 2007


>lol, fyi the sun always shine on mine. but yours? i doubt it for it's filthy down there and better lose some of the poundage before it sags to the ground. and take it easy on that apple pie, will yah?

Billmitsuru70 08:40:57 PM Jul 18 2007

hyoung3595 08:38:08 PM Jul 18 2007


>i say, why don't you look around you or better still in the mirror and see for yourself. the joke that is.

Billmitsuru70 08:42:59 PM Jul 18 2007

davis0023 08:40:24 PM Jul 18 2007

Death sentence and nothing less. We have to make a statment or this will continue to happen when you allow non- natural born citizens to occupy senstive positions.
Even if he was natural born the death penatly would be the penatly. But are we really surprised a foregin born person done this, are we?

>i'm not surprised at all. if you're so- called natural born americans (read; white) have done it before. it's just a game my friend. you reap what you sow. americans do it all the time to the peoples of the world.



Pardon the grammatical slips and typos. I was typing like a gatling- gun and rushing my words in the fun. In reality, nang- asar lang naman. lol

Friday, July 13, 2007

Weird, huh?

One college professor of mine whose face has a funny resemblance to one of the characters of the “Tatlong Itlog” fame/notoriety of Philippine Comedy once told his chemistry class that “some of you here have photographic memories” looking directly at me while he was seated in his desk and the whole class were busy copying some texts from the blackboard that he had written earlier.

Only a handful of my friends have known this before; I finished my Bachelor’s Degree which was my pre- med course from Aquinas University in Legaspi without a single notebook in my possession.

I never took notes and I managed to survive the course by reading the textbooks once in a blue moon (or when I am not under the influence of the spirits of the glass then) and most of the time by reading my girlfriends' notes on the subjects. Ha-ha.

But no, I don’t possess a memory that will put the famous Savant Daniel Tammet to shame. It’s just that I hate taking notes because I can’t decipher my handwriting afterwards.

But I do can remember facts, faces, places and other stuff as way back as when I was three years old at the snap of my fingers and I’m good at it.

I can almost always point out the culprit in most CSI series that I have seen and so far, I have diagnosed correctly three of Dr. House’s cases to the amusement of my landlady cum ehem. He-he.

And three years ago, I went to Chicago for the Jeopardy! Auditions, but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to be called to the Studios in LA. So far, lady- luck is still elusive for me. I’ll try again until I die if I get the invite in the near future.

Another professor in chemistry who once topped the Chemical Engineering Board Exams but during my time he was already in his 70’s and way past his prime.

One day, I told my best friend Beth that for all our hard work in the lab, sweating out on experiments and the tests/ quizzes that goes with it, I don’t think that our esteemed professor really bothers to read them at all nor has the time to check them.

She dared me to prove it and so I did…

For our midterm exam which was usually an essay, I wrote my best science prose about the ions, anions, etc. etc. that I could think of in the first paragraph, then in the middle, I wrote, “the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog” followed by the lyrics of The Beatles‘ Come Together plus whatever things that popped up on my mind.

My essay ended up in mishmash, an assortment of linguistic mumbo- jumbos that can be seen in persons with flight - of -ideas.

Afterwards, I ended the essay with the conclusion based on the scientific findings that we were able to arrived at and so on and so forth.

To make the long story short, we finished the semester and not a word was heard from the Engineer about my essay and when we got our grades at the end of the year, we all got a uniform 85 for the subject.

That’s me for you folks, if I know that you’re bulls***** me, I’ll do the same to you. Well, not really, err sometimes, opps me and my big mouth. hah-hah.

So, mirror mirror on the wall that’s two weird things about me already and I know my blogberk Salamin is still waiting for more…

This one’s different though, I don’t know how you would call this but I have this uncanny thing that borders on a sixth sense. No sir, I can’t summon them like the others at their convenience for mine just comes out from out of the blue--in dreams, casual conversations, a brief flash in the mind, etc.

Case number one--

Three days after my Dad’s funeral I dreamt of him coming back home and the first thing I noticed was his clothes. It was the same one that he wore on the night he died and he told me, “I am not the one in there” pointing to the hearse that carried his coffin. He raised his arms to give me his customary hi five and I did the same and then he put his left hand in his pocket and fished out several peso bills and handed them to me. I counted them at 250 pesos and noticed that the paper bills were wet and then my dream was interrupted when somebody woke me up for lunch.

I then asked my grandmother for my Dad’s clothes from the hospital and she told me that it was in the water basin near the faucet in the back of the house being soaked ready to be washed. I immediately went there and went for the pants pocket and tears run into my face when I got hold of what’s inside--it was the same wet peso bills with the right number and denominations that my Dad gave to me in my dreams.

Case number 2--

Three months ago while I was having dinner, out of the blue I found myself sharing some stories about my childhood adventures with the lady of the house. I told her about how this childhood buddy of mine was so funny and survived electrocution while fishing illegally with his contraption of improvised electric machine used to stun fishes in the river after he accidentally grabbed on a naked wire whose electrical tapes loosened out while in the water. We were laughing so hard when my cellular phone beeped and it was a text message coming from a friend informing me that, that particular friend of ours just died hours before from a lingering illness.

Case number 3--

Just a few days ago, I was chatting with my ex- girlfriend whose now happily married with kids when our conversation veered on the topic of the communist insurgency and she told me about her uncle who was executed by the NPA in the 70’s whose body was never recovered and I also told her that I have 2 close friends/ classmates who were also summarily executed by the rebels.

I proceeded to tell her about how this friend of mine who was with the Army. He was riding his motorcycle in one of the towns in Quezon Province on his way home to his pregnant wife who was about to deliver their first born in Albay when he ran into an NPA checkpoint and was shot point blank between the eyes when they found out he was a soldier. She surprised me when she typed in, “is it N?” The truth is, she never even met him nor know him from Adam. She said that it was the first name that came to her mind.

So, there my friends. These stories were just a few of my supernatural experiences and I think I better contact Mr. Jaime T. Licauco for some explanation about these things.

What do you think?

(First of a Two Part Series)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fateful Encounter

I’ve been tagged about a week or two ago by my blog “berks”--Salamin and Snglguy and I haven’t done my end yet. Sorry guys, I promise that the next post will be the much awaited---tararan-tadan, response.

Nowadays, aside from getting home late at night or early morning from my shift at the ER, I spent my free time and waking hours wandering around town- watching concerts, shows, exhibits, street fairs, etc.

The Summerfest is in full blast right now and I am taking every chance I get not to miss anything and make the most of it.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to see some of the finest works of Auguste Rodin at the Detroit Institute of Arts for what I considered as “loose change.”

If you’re not into “art” and the name doesn’t ring a bell to you, I’m sure you’ve seen a print of his famous “The Thinker” on somebody’s shirt, in books, posters, etc. Yes folks, he was the creator of that iconic man sitting on a toilet bowl!

Kidding aside, considering the value, influence and prestige in the art world of this renowned French sculptor, the monetary value of the tickets (less than $20)was a bargain and I am one of the people who took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Also works of his equally talented but underrated student/ lover, Camille Claudel was shown side-by-side with his masterpieces. How’s that for a bonus, getting two for the price of one?

Anyway, here was what I wrote about that “fateful encounter” with the star-crossed lovers of the sculpting world at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

So, read on...

There are people or in this case artists whose lives were forever intertwined either by art, love, passion or fate; Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, the de Koonings Willem and Elaine were some of these noted brilliant artists while there are tragic love stories that are forever told and re-told like Romeo and Juliet or Anthony and Cleopatra.

It was said that the only love story carved in stone though is that of the famous 19th- century French Sculptor Auguste Rodin and his talented student/assistant, Camille Claudel.

The 2005 Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin: Fateful Encounter, presented by the Detroit Institute of Arts is the only stop in the United States of the exhibition which showcased 58 sculptures of Rodin and 62 works of Camille Claudel along with letters, pictures and drawings that give us a glimpse of their artistic and personal relationships.

Camille Claudel was only seventeen when she met the 41- year old Rodin who was then at the threshold of a brilliant career to study sculpture and train under the watchful eyes of the master and in the course of their work developed a fiery love affair with him that was further heightened by their passion for sculptures.

Rodin pioneered modern sculpture and is known for his dramatic works which emphasizes on movement, raw emotions and expression of the soul. His influence can readily be seen in the works of Camille wherein she sculpted with tremendous passion and expressive character until she finally develops her own style and technique as time progresses.

But as Rodin’s work gained acceptance not only in France but all over the world, Claudel struggled to have her work recognized in its own right.

While Rodin, a prolific sculptor has had almost a 1,000 works to his credit, the prodigious Claudel in her moment of insanity which merited her to be institutionalized for the last 30 years of her life destroyed most of her works leaving us with just less than 90 pieces of her creations to admire and enjoy.

Nevertheless, what’s left of her works gave us a clear view of the prodigious talent that Rodin saw in her when she first work as his studio assistant in such masterpiece like “The Gates of Hell” where his most famous sculpture, “The Thinker” emerged from among the many characters that inhabit it.

Auguste Rodin’s Saint John the Baptist Preaching, Bust of Camille Claudel, the Burghers of Calais, Balzac, The Thinker and The Gates of Hell were just a peek of the power of the mind of the genius and his eye for form and details with regards to his creations.

Some of the notable sculptures by Camille Claudel in the exhibit were the Sakuntala, The Waltz, La Petite Châtelain, The Age of Maturity, The Wave and Vertumnus & Pomona which showed her great talent and the emotions that goes with her sculpture.

It can be said that although their love affair was tragic and tumultuous and did not endure the test of time, the resulting masterpieces that they created in the course of their short-lived romance did last.

Thus, their love story was indeed carved in stone.

A record fifty museums and private collectors parted with their prized objects even for a short period of time and also marks the first time that Musee Rodin lent a significant volume of the important works of both Rodin and Claudel to America or to any other museum for that matter.

The exhibition was organized by Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec with Musée Rodin in Paris and was made possible through a grant by the DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Born on the 4th of July

The United States of America was born on the Fourth of July in 1776 after a bitter War of Independence (a.k.a. The American Revolution) with “mighty” Great Britain.

She is now celebrating her 231st Year of Independence…

I am celebrating the birthday of my adopted country in the comforts of the living room with an ice- cold Bud in hand and broiled Tuna dipped in a mixture of soy sauce, sliced tomatoes and onions for “pulutan” made just like the way it is back home while waiting for the Macy’s Fireworks Show on NBC to start.

Come to think of it, July 4 is also Filipino- American Friendship Day in the Philippines. I’ll leave the politics aside (there’s time for that and in another post probably) and instead focus more on the positive side of the holiday (at least, for now) and that doesn‘t make me less of a Pinoy for doing that, I hope.

Many former "friends" from the good old days may disagree with me but and it‘s always a big but?

And the debate on that will also come at a later time and in another forum.

The NBC Special will also include live soundtrack from the New York Pops and a tribute to American songwriter Stephen Foster. Pre- recorded songs by Oscar nominee Anika Noni Rose and Tony- Awardee and Broadway star Lea Salonga among others will be heard amid the fireworks' glitters and spectacle.

I’ll try to blog about the show later meanwhile I’ll just relax, get drunk and enjoy the show…


Here’s the fireworks at the The Henry Ford- Greenfield Village’s Salute to America featuring the Detroit Symphony Orchestra playing in the background amid the spectacle.


Note: Click my "Short Cuts" videos for more Fireworks!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Burning Rubber

Every year while under the intense heat of the hot, hot summer sun…

All roads in Michigan lead to Downriver; that is all classic car enthusiasts in the Wolverine State and their cross-state neighbors to as far back west like sunny California and down south to stormy Florida, not to mention the Canucks from across the river would all converge into the biggest show on this side of town where many of the hottest rockin’ a’ rollin’ oldies but goodies automobiles that once ruled the roads of Continental America sashayed amidst the oohs, aahs and oh-la-las of the fascinated audience.

The annual Classic Car Cruise in June draws a crowd of more than 500,000 people as they feast on the nostalgic sights and beauties of the pioneering American Automobiles of a bygone era and relive even just for a day or two the good old days in a massive show of booming engines and pageantry that can only be found in the heart of the American Automobile Industry.

Cool Slideshows!

The still steaming cars cruise through the stretch of Fort Street as they run through the four cities of Southgate, Lincoln Park, Riverview and Wyandotte reminiscent of the days of yore when they were kings.

For two successive days in summer, ageless automobiles once again hold fort on Fort Street as they literally burn rubber into the flaming asphalted road in Southeast Michigan’s Downriver Area just a stone’s throw away from the hallowed grounds of the Motor City.

The hundreds of thousands of people who lined up the streets from 10 a.m. until dark were treated to an endless parade of beautifully jazzed up cars as they revved up their deep- throated engines and blitzed by on the streets amid the roars of approval from the appreciative crowd of car buffs, the curious and awed spectators

From the old line Ford Models and other four- wheeled timeless masterpieces to the red- hot fire trucks engines down to the last classic John Deere’s green agricultural tractors, literally a rolling history is passing by right before your very eyes.

The sight of the Mustangs and Thunderbirds lining up bumper to bumper and side by side with the Corvettes and Studebakers could literally make your day a bump- free joy ride.
Let's not forget the cool and smooth Cadillacs either.

Your eyes are treated to a masterpiece when you finally laid your eyes on one of the rarest car on the planet the dashing Duesenberg- a moving experience that every passionate car lovers worth his steering wheel (he-he) will not pass upon in this automobile crazy world.

Despite the heat and the sunburns, the thirst and the exhaustion, you could see it in the eyes of the people who were there that they couldn’t asked for more and you can bet your life on it that they will always come back year after year to see the car of their dreams and relive the olden days again.

8th Downriver Cruise

Note: If you really, really love to see a lot of hot and classic beauties:

Visit Detroit on August 18, 2007 for the 13TH ANNUAL WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE which is the world’s largest one-day celebration of car culture. It attracts more than 1 million visitors and more than 40,000 muscle cars, street rods, custom, collector and special interest vehicles.

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