Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Amorsolo Auction

Who wants a Fernando Cueto Amorsolo painting?

There's one up on auction by a gallery in Boston with a starting bid of $5,000 and will end up in less than 24 hours. Check it HERE

Oh, if only I won that Megalotto jackpot this week, that Amorsolo could've been mine.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Glee Fever

The news that international singing sensation Charice Pempengco will be part of the cast of Fox's critically acclaimed musical- comedy Glee has been greeted with glee (bad pun intended) by fans of the Filipina vocal dynamo.

The recent release of the promotional video showed a glimpse of Sunshine Corazon (Charice) engaging Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) in a bathroom showdown of sorts singing Lady Gaga's hit song Telephone.

In the video, Charice was shown with a pony- tail and wearing those big geeky- glasses which reminds us of the bucktoothed, bumbling, bespectacled Mr. Yunioshi who earned his 'props' making a fool of himself in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which was one of the stereotypes of Asians in old Hollywood.

Well, let's just hope and keep our fingers crossed that Glee will not make Sunshine Corazon act like the typical caricature of Asian girls seen in tragic comedies nowadays; hysterical, giggling, glasses- wearing, and speaking in a high- pitched, heavy- accented fortune cookie English.

And one more thing, with a name like Sunshine Corazon, the creators behind Glee are probably sending us covert messages that they were actually fans of the late Cory Aquino and her Yellow Army which was really quite obvious the moment they stole the Laban sign from us and incorporated the image behind a yellow background in an earlier promo for the show.

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