Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spelling Bee

Seen on a Wyandotte, Michigan Flower Shop.

Is the owner related to Casimiro Bokaykay a.k.a. Cashmere Bouquet when he Americanized his name and settled here?

I think not.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mr. & Ms.

At first glance even if you don’t know it yet you will instantly wonder at the back of your mind whether they have Filipino blood running inside their well- toned bodies. Guess what? Gut feeling or whatever you may call it was proven true in this case.

Aside from Lea Salonga, there are two other actors essaying the parts of two of the lead characters in the current Les Miserables on Broadway where we can put it this way has--Philippine connection.

Adam Jacobs and Ali Ewoldt portrays the roles of student/rebel Marius and Fantine’s daughter Cosette respectively for their Broadway debuts in the “revival” of Les Miz and are now earning raves and accolades for their performances.

These Fil- Ams are just two of the many very talented young actors/actresses who breathed life to Victor Hugo’s characters in his classic novel put to stage and music by the dynamic duo of Alain Boublil and Claude- Michel Schonberg and produced by mega- producer Cameron Mackintosh.

Incidentally, these respected trio of musical players are very well- known in the Philippines for their part in paving the way for Lea Salonga and other local Filipino talents invading the musical world in the late 80s and early 90s in the epic musical Miss Saigon where they soared to great heights and adulations from the fans and gained respect from critics and fellow actors alike.

Ali Ewoldt began her journey when she joined the Les Miserables National Tour as a member of the Ensemble then graduated doing the role of Cosette. I just don’t know if she was with the cast when they went to Detroit where Cornelia Luna was in the cast as Eponine. Too bad, I missed that show which I really regretted.

This petite young lady with a soprano voice and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Yale University had to hurdle an intense audition for her Broadway debut and from
the looks of it her future in the musical/theater business is now secure.

Adam Jacobs grew up in San Francisco, California and was drawn to the theater early having watched according to his Pinay Mom, Yul Brynner in the The King and I at age five.

He earned his pass for the big time after being a “professional auditioner” and at the same time moonlighting as a lounge singer in one those giant Spirit cruise ships when he became the Prince in the National Tour of Cinderella for nine months and another eight months as Marius in the Les Miz National Tour. He eventually auditioned and got the same role in the Broadway revival where he is doing it with much aplomb and gaining a lot of new fans in the process..

Allow me to say that Adam Jacobs is one West Coast guy who really made it big in the Big East with that funny resemblance to Erik Estrada of the 70’s Chips fame notwithstanding. His heart is obviously in Broadway now and not in that City by the Bay.

Thus, the Great White Way has added to its list two fresh actors and promising performers in Adam and Ali that we could really be proud of.

Ali Ewoldt

Adam Jacobs

Note: Clips by Canon 4MP Digital ixus

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I got this pair from a Finish Line sale for $69.99.

These Nike 360's used to sell for more than $120+ if my memory serves me right and the moment I saw them on the shelf with a sale price tag, I immediately asked for a pair of size 9’s and tried it on and the next thing I knew I was paying the cashier with my hard- earned money, my budget be damned to add to my ever growing collection of shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, though, but there’s not a single trace of the Imeldific blood in me but I surely have a collection of rubber shoes, but many of them were "finds" on various sales (e.g. Thanksgiving, Day- after Christmas, etc.). I am a conscientious bargain hunter you know or akala ko lang yata. LOL

The only time I bought a pair of shoes which was not on sale was when I got a black Jordan XXI for $119.00 which I have been using lately for basketball scrimmages in a local school gym with Pinoy friends every Monday and Wednesday nights here.

Anyway, I got the “new” one with the intent of using them in a Basketball tournament sponsored by a Filipino- American Association here in Michigan.

But as things turned out I never got to use them for I only managed to play one game (for which we won whether it's because I played or not will be subject to approval with my teammates) due mainly to conflicts in my work schedule and so the pair that was made famous by the notorious NBA Legend Sir Charles Barkley and now being endorsed by the high- flying Amare Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns remained in the box until…

I decided on a trip to New York City to watch some Broadway shows and brought them with me just in case I would need comfortable and reliable rubber shoes in my adventure that would entail a lot of walking which I am not sure if my Plantar Fasciitis- ravaged feet could handle.

Sure enough, I found myself using them most of the time except of course during some formal events where I have to wear my leather Florsheims.

Anyway, the rubber shoes and its air soles/shox/cushion carried me all over the big city without my feet complaining from the non- stop assault of roaming the concrete jungle that is the Big Apple from 8 o’clock in the morning until the wee hours of the next morning for 5 straight days.

I have no complaints whatsoever, the Nike 360 is as good as advertised even outside the hardcourt.

These shoes are really made for basketball err walking, in this case.

Note: Btw, this is not a paid post by Nike or its affiliates. LOL

Sunday, April 15, 2007

In This Corner

Filipino superstar and boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao has once again showed the world the vaunted power of his fists as he bludgeoned his way into an easy 8th round Technical Knockout of the lanky but game and erstwhile unbeaten but untested Jorge Solis of Mexico, thus re-affirming his status as the consensus world’s best boxer pound-for-pound as well as the pugilistic world’s most exciting fighter today.

His victory at the historic Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas has once again united our fragmented nation even just for a day as the country grinded to a halt just to watch him defend his World Boxing Council International Super Featherweight belt on the world’s stage.

His victory has once again proved that a Filipino can dominate and excel in a particular field because of his natural talent and sheer hard work.

His victory has once again proved that we as a nation can be one with the right person at the helm.

Thus, I am endorsing his candidacy as Congressman of the First District of South Cotabato. He may not have the educational attainment as warranted by his detractors but I know that he can get things done if not with his head but with his fists.

He might have lacked the diploma for he was the product of the school of hard knocks as compared to the others who were graduates of “prestigious” colleges and universities complete with numerous prefixes and suffixes to their “distinguished” names but look what they have done to our country so far?

He can be a genuine pro- poor congressman if elected for he understands the poor as he was once been one before unlike the pack of wolves in congress who are just mere pretenders and whose concept of being pro- poor is doing the rounds of the palengkes and slums in the country for photo opportunities.

He can be a hands- on Congressman for he used to be a hands- on panadero and doesn’t mind if his manicure will be ruined while doing the dirty work for his constituents.

He can make laws that will reform the educational system as he was a school drop- out because of poverty and surely knows the plight of the people who can’t afford to go to school compared to the others who graduated because of their money, political clout and pedigree.

And we can be sure that he won’t be sleeping on the job for by doing so will be against his training and could be dangerous to his other profession.

Manny Pacquiao has helped and continue to help people even if he is not a public official yet. He helps them with whatever he could afford out of his own pocket and without asking any favors in return. He shelled and continue to shell his own money that he earned the hard way; money that he earned through his blood, sweat and tears; money that he earned risking his life; money that he earned in an honest and right way.

That cannot be said, though, of our government officials and the elected members of both houses of congress, who earned their wealth in nefarious ways and shamelessly flaunt them as if they’re God’s chosen people right in front of our very eyes.

We have people in the government who continue to disrespect the Filipino people by the way they run the government to the ground. We have people in the government who continue to insult the Filipino people by shoving into our throats laws that are anti- poor and anti- people. We have people in the government who continue to disgrace us by failing to provide the Filipino people with the basic necessities in life. We have people in the government who continue to desecrate our proud legacy as a people by blaming others but themselves for the ills of our country.

So, let us hope the people of the First District of South Cotabato vote him as their representative to congress in May. Let us hope that the people in his district should hail him and haul him into congress and replace the incumbent who with her family has been in power for years now and yet has done nothing to improve the lives of their constituents.

Let us give Manny Pacquiao his fair chance as we did the other “more educated” Filipinos before him.

After all, we still live in a democrazy err democracy where all should have an equal chance and opportunity to serve “himself/ herself” err the people.

Who knows given the track record of the House Representathieves err Representatives we really need a Manny Pacquiao and his iron fists to knock his colleagues head back to their senses?

Mabuhay si Congressman Manny Pacquiao!

Laban na tayo!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Beautiful Belle

ANNELIESE VAN DER POL a.k.a. Chelsea Daniels made her mark in the popular Disney TV show “That’s So Raven” as Raven’s best friend.

She is currently portraying the role of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast which is on its final run in Broadway.

If you can catch the magical musical before its curtain call on July 29, 2007 so much the better...

She took time to sign autographs for the children who braved the chilly evening and patiently waited for her to emerge from the backstage door of the Lunt- Fontanne Theater and even though it's almost midnight she did not disappoint them.

All I can say is, she's not only Beautiful but she's also Vanderpol!

Note: Pics and Clips taken by 4MP Canon Digital ixus

20 Minutes Before Take- Off

I am writing this piece at the airport lounge of the JFK Airport in New York just to kill time. Thank God, for the free wireless access by Northwest World Club.

I came early for my 4:11 flight back to Detroit and with me cherished memories of my short stay in the Big Apple, considered to be as the capital of the World.

I will definitely be back if I can afford it for New York City reminds me of Manila half a world away. And I want to see her also in autumn were the colors of the fall will be in splendor. Add to that my plans of visiting her again in the winter to have a taste of her cold and snowy wonderland.

That way, I could have in my treasure box a 4- season NYC experience so I can sing that, “I love New York in the summer, I love New York in the spring, and so on and so forth… LOL

Seriously, New York City is the melting pot of the world and as cosmopolitan as you can be: where all the peoples and cultures fused; where diversity is truly seen in all its boroughs and nooks; where you can be yourself and free without being scrutinized by the prying eyes and away from eavesdropping ears of strangers.

From the skyscrapers of Wall Street and glamour of Manhattan to the neon lights of Times Square and music of Broadway, you’ll never get tired of the city.

For the brave ones you can venture into the less- tourist friendly side, too. Ride the subway to the Bronx or hail a yellow cab to East Village for a taste of multi- ethnic food on rows and rows of eateries and restaurants that dotted its side streets.

It was one hell of an adventure for a wanderlust like me.

"Calling all passengers of....."

Oops, gotta go, see yah next time.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Iceman Cometh

Academy and Tony Award Winner Kevin Spacey is Jim Tyrone, Jr. in The Old Vic Theater Company production of Eugene O' Neill's play A Moon For The Misbegotten which opened recently at the Brooks Atkinson Theater along 44th Street in Broadway, New York City, USA.

The show also stars Eve Best and Colm Meaney.

I took this clip with my 4 MP Canon ixus and Sony 8.1 MP Cybershot digital cameras at the stage door after the show where he emerged to sign autographs for the fans.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photographs and Memories

Do You Hear The People Sing?

I Dreamed A Dream...

Yes, indeed.

Bring 'em Home.


my les miserables experience and more pics to follow in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Big Apple Bite (Part I)

My flight was delayed for an hour yesterday from Detroit Wayne County Airport because the Northwest Airlines authorities have to do the standard security sweep of the aircraft who came in late from Las Vegas.

After an hour or so, we were finally allowed to board and having gone from a 12- hour ER shift and had to pack my things until the wee hours of the morning so I can catch the 6:25 a.m. flight, I found myself dozing off the entire flight to the Big Apple that even the soothing voice of Anna, the Filipina stewardess failed to rouse me off from my deep slumber for breakfast.

I arrived at quarter past nine at La Guardia and the chilly New York weather greeted me as I stepped out of the airport and waited for the cab to take me to Waldorf Astoria and along the way amid the notorious traffic of the Big City (but it was nothing compared to Metro Manila, LOL) and the cab driver’s daredevil way of driving (e.g. changing lanes and not flashing his signal lights and zigzagging his way on the crowded streets in wild abandon) I couldn’t help to think that New York City and Manila have so many things in common.

Anyway, I noticed during the short trip from the airport that there is really a large Filipino community in New York as can be seen on the signs posted on several automobile dealerships exhorting them to come and drop by for a visit; signs like “Tuloy Po Kayo” and “Ask for a Kababayan” were ubiquitously displayed on large streamers and advertising signs.

I tried to take a couple of shots of the ad signs but found out to my consternation that I forgot to load the camera with the SD Card! Now, I can’t blame myself for procrastinating, huh? Ha-ha.

So after checking my luggage at the Hotel, I ventured out on the sidewalks of Park Avenue and find myself leisurely strolling on familiar grounds-- Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue and finally stopped at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then the Rockefeller Center and watched the skaters on the rink do their fancy routines and the other tourists pointing and shooting at everything that their eyes could fancy of, with their ever ubiquitous digital cameras and handy video cams of course.

I found myself wandering in Times Square and found out that the TKTS booth have moved. I went into one of the electronics store there and asked for a 1GB SD Card and a Latino guy gave me one with a price tag of $150.

Now this is Times Square and I know from past experiences that the prices here are way marked up to fleece unsuspecting tourists of every dime that they could spare to throw away but being Batang Quiapo back in Manila, I started to haggle with the guy to lower the price.

Then the store manager came in and turns out to be a true- brown Pinoy from Lopez, Quezon and he finally agreed to part with the SD Card for a much, much lower price of $70 provided I pay in cash and even referred me to a fine Filipino restaurant that have a very tasty Kare- kare and Dinuguan. So, it’s really nice to find a Kababayan here and at the same time give you some discount and tips on the side. LOL

Later in the night, I went to Carnegie Hall and watched the students of famed violinist Itzhak Perlman at their recital being conducted by the master himself. The Israeli- born virtouso was a sight to behold on stage. I feel myself lucky to have watch him do his thing up close and personal.

The dashing actor, Alec Baldwin who was a big supporter of the arts was the night's Master of Ceremonies and came in with his raven- haired girlfriend for the two and a half hour show.

I didn’t dare to take a picture of him even though I was just a meter and a half from the dais and also three seats away from where they were seated and an elbow's length whenever he would come down from the stage at the end of his spiels to watch the show and pass me by on his way to his seat and girlfriend what with the Carnegie crowd who are or pretended to be immune to celebrity sightings quite common for the people living in New York plus the notorious fact of his past rows with some paparazzi, I wouldn’t want to be at the receiving end of the wrath of this very stocky man. Besides, there were a lot of very pretty ladies in the crowd that I couldn’t help myself but to “babe- watch.” LOL

The Perlman Music Program have given its First Annual Arts Make Music Award to multi- awarded artist Chuck Close, that was presented to him by Adam Weinberg, the Director of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

All in all, it was a very nice performance at the Judy and Arthur Zankel Hall by Mr. Perlman’s very talented students. I’ll write more extensively about this when I get back to Michigan for at this time, I am so overwhelmed with a lot of things to do and visit in my very limited time in the City that Never Sleeps.

Tonight, it will be Lea Salonga and the rest of the guys in Les Miserables’ turn to entertain me. I can’t wait for the clock to strike 7 o’clock.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

All my bags are not yet packed...

As usual the procrastinator in me had overpowered whatever will I have to pack my stuffs a week ago or in this case even at least, a day or two before my trip to New York City.

So here I am coming from a 12- hour ER shift frantically trying to pack all the stuff that could fit in into my small carry-on luggage for my spring sojourn to the City That Never Sleeps that will commence later today after an hour and forty minutes flight from Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport to La Guardia Airport aboard NorthWest Airlines.

But if I made it the last time, I know I can make it this time.

So start spreading the news…LOL

Happy Easter to you all!


I'll keep you posted with regards to my adventures and mis-adventures in the Big City. I will continue blogging hit and run style. :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Welcome to Hell

The word according to Satan err.....


Wednesday, April 04, 2007



Yeah, they were big in the Philippines then.

Robbie Rosa and Company, with the boyish Ricky Martin later melted the hearts of so many young girls of the “Bagets” generation that even spawned a song, “I’m Going Back to the Philippines” intended for their Filipina fans.

Lea Salonga was once part of the Puerto Rican Boy Band Act, at least for the song, “That Situation.”

I’ve come across these clips while trolling YouTube the other day and I am sharing them to you all Menudo- lovers and haters alike. LOL

Let’s take a side trip down memory lane…

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Magical Mystery Tour

This website is currently being pilot tested for the new 3-D, 32- bit kaleidoscopic wide- spectrum colorful properties by a combination of computer technical experts from the NTT Docomo and computer software engineers of the Microsoft Corporation.

This new revolutionary program is being touted as to personalize and privatize your internet browsing experience in Cyberspace.


You can view my “magical” post here by using any kind of ordinary “sunglasses” or “shades.”

Or this with a magnifying glass--

Or focus on the dot for at least 2 minutes….

NOTE: A-1, 04-01-02K7... J.O/K.E..:)

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