Wednesday, April 04, 2007



Yeah, they were big in the Philippines then.

Robbie Rosa and Company, with the boyish Ricky Martin later melted the hearts of so many young girls of the “Bagets” generation that even spawned a song, “I’m Going Back to the Philippines” intended for their Filipina fans.

Lea Salonga was once part of the Puerto Rican Boy Band Act, at least for the song, “That Situation.”

I’ve come across these clips while trolling YouTube the other day and I am sharing them to you all Menudo- lovers and haters alike. LOL

Let’s take a side trip down memory lane…


Gina said...

What a trip down memory lane for me! Even I, was surprised with myself that I still know most of the songs lyrics and sang along with Robby Rosa esp. with the first one & Pls. Be Good to Me. I felt like a teenybopper once again,heheheheh. How amusing to see the fashion trends of those days- skinny jeans, poofy hair,etc. ..Crush ko noon sa Menudo was Roy Rosello. I googled him sometime ago, he was the least known daw among the members. Figures... I always root for the underdog!

kathy said...

Self-confessed Menudo fan here. Oh wait, make that Robbie Rosa fan. I didn't care that much about the other four guys. I still know the songs sung by Robbie Rosa by heart. It's just unfortunate, though, that Robbie's career never took off that much after Menudo.

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