Saturday, April 14, 2007

20 Minutes Before Take- Off

I am writing this piece at the airport lounge of the JFK Airport in New York just to kill time. Thank God, for the free wireless access by Northwest World Club.

I came early for my 4:11 flight back to Detroit and with me cherished memories of my short stay in the Big Apple, considered to be as the capital of the World.

I will definitely be back if I can afford it for New York City reminds me of Manila half a world away. And I want to see her also in autumn were the colors of the fall will be in splendor. Add to that my plans of visiting her again in the winter to have a taste of her cold and snowy wonderland.

That way, I could have in my treasure box a 4- season NYC experience so I can sing that, “I love New York in the summer, I love New York in the spring, and so on and so forth… LOL

Seriously, New York City is the melting pot of the world and as cosmopolitan as you can be: where all the peoples and cultures fused; where diversity is truly seen in all its boroughs and nooks; where you can be yourself and free without being scrutinized by the prying eyes and away from eavesdropping ears of strangers.

From the skyscrapers of Wall Street and glamour of Manhattan to the neon lights of Times Square and music of Broadway, you’ll never get tired of the city.

For the brave ones you can venture into the less- tourist friendly side, too. Ride the subway to the Bronx or hail a yellow cab to East Village for a taste of multi- ethnic food on rows and rows of eateries and restaurants that dotted its side streets.

It was one hell of an adventure for a wanderlust like me.

"Calling all passengers of....."

Oops, gotta go, see yah next time.


niceheart said...

My oldest son is going to New York with his jazz band next month. I'm sure he will also enjoy his stay over there. :)

vina said...

*sigh* will i ever be able to go to NY, or even to the US????

i won't stop dreaming! :)

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