Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I got this pair from a Finish Line sale for $69.99.

These Nike 360's used to sell for more than $120+ if my memory serves me right and the moment I saw them on the shelf with a sale price tag, I immediately asked for a pair of size 9’s and tried it on and the next thing I knew I was paying the cashier with my hard- earned money, my budget be damned to add to my ever growing collection of shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, though, but there’s not a single trace of the Imeldific blood in me but I surely have a collection of rubber shoes, but many of them were "finds" on various sales (e.g. Thanksgiving, Day- after Christmas, etc.). I am a conscientious bargain hunter you know or akala ko lang yata. LOL

The only time I bought a pair of shoes which was not on sale was when I got a black Jordan XXI for $119.00 which I have been using lately for basketball scrimmages in a local school gym with Pinoy friends every Monday and Wednesday nights here.

Anyway, I got the “new” one with the intent of using them in a Basketball tournament sponsored by a Filipino- American Association here in Michigan.

But as things turned out I never got to use them for I only managed to play one game (for which we won whether it's because I played or not will be subject to approval with my teammates) due mainly to conflicts in my work schedule and so the pair that was made famous by the notorious NBA Legend Sir Charles Barkley and now being endorsed by the high- flying Amare Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns remained in the box until…

I decided on a trip to New York City to watch some Broadway shows and brought them with me just in case I would need comfortable and reliable rubber shoes in my adventure that would entail a lot of walking which I am not sure if my Plantar Fasciitis- ravaged feet could handle.

Sure enough, I found myself using them most of the time except of course during some formal events where I have to wear my leather Florsheims.

Anyway, the rubber shoes and its air soles/shox/cushion carried me all over the big city without my feet complaining from the non- stop assault of roaming the concrete jungle that is the Big Apple from 8 o’clock in the morning until the wee hours of the next morning for 5 straight days.

I have no complaints whatsoever, the Nike 360 is as good as advertised even outside the hardcourt.

These shoes are really made for basketball err walking, in this case.

Note: Btw, this is not a paid post by Nike or its affiliates. LOL


Lansy said...

Wonderful shoes. You should get some reward from Nike. :D

Thanks for the comment on my blog and the link. I have added a link to yours as well.



Princess of CJ said...

not an imeldific-stint.. just a collector's item. :D you have good reason to buy shoes than me actually.. hehehe!

btw, they're nice. looks comfy.

vernaloo said...

I love my Nike rubber shoes! oh well I only got one hehehehe

zherwin said...

i find it strange that whenever i tried on a good looking nike shoes, i always feel like i am ronald mcdonald. but with other brands like reebok and converse, the fit is just right. why is that? hehehe.

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog and for the comment too :)

Toe said...

My husband and I did that too... walked all around New York for several days. He wore Nike the whole time too. :)

kathy said...

So how many pairs of shoes do you own, all in all? First time for me to encounter someone, a guy at that, who has a thing for rubber shoes. :)
Speaking of comfy shoes (or not wearing them), would you believe that Japanese women still wear high heels when going to the park or Disneyland? Makes you wonder how they ever enjoy walking around in those things.

Girly said...

Wow, those are really great deals on shoes. I find that at Nike Outlet, they have much better priced shoes.

fruityoaty said...

Those shoes look nice. I can't say I have an Imelda complex when it comes to shoes, but I definitely have this fetish for bags... of all sorts. Really bad. I can't resist a bag sale. One time, I bought a laptop computer bag... and I didn't even have a laptop at the time. Well, I knew I was getting a laptop in a few months time... and I wanted THAT bag, LOL. See? Really bad addiction.

annamanila said...

Thats a swell buy, Bill. And it was really worth it. I can imagine you trudging comfily in NY -- did u say five days, oh my. Where are you based ba? I know you're a Lea fanatic. Like Leah. Like most of us Pinoys. someday, i too would be able to watch a Lea performance.

mitsuru said...


yeah, they should give me the latest air force one model. lolo

princess of cj,

yes, they're really comfortable. i like them. but i'm gonna use them for basketball this time. :)


go nike go! lol


ha-ha. i like my converse weapons & chuck taylors. lol got the iverson pump from reebok fr another sale two weeks ago. :)


no rebutter from me. i rest my case...he-he.


well fyi, i'm not the only one here. hehe. got lots of friends na pareho ko. got an uncle in NYC who has 2 closet fulls of shoes. lol. probably because it's cheaper here esp pag sale e.g. i got one Football Star, Michael Vick Nike just for $19.99 where it used to sell for 120+. you can just imagine the profits of these companies.

i'll check the nike outlet but i found finish line the best when it comes to bargains. :)

well, i'm not alone. lol. actually i collect a lot of stuffs. you'll never believe what i got. probably i'll blog them in the future. lol


i'm based now in motown (detroit, michigan)just across the river from canada.

yup, i'm a lea fan ever since but never seen him in person before until this year. crush ko pa nga and gibbs cadiz knows that since he's a friend and classmate in college sa bicol but he forgot to get me her autograph when he intervewed her for her blog. lol.

mitsuru said...


oops, correction pala i mean her (lea) pala not him. haha.

annamanila said...

Gibbs interviewed her for his blog? Swerte naman ni Cadiz ano? Ay iba talaga pag PDI ed ka. Lemme check his posts. Why did I have this impression you were in Japan ... because of Mitsuru .. I guess. And didnt you use to have no place for comments? Or is my memory playing tricks on me (again).

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