Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spelling Bee

Seen on a Wyandotte, Michigan Flower Shop.

Is the owner related to Casimiro Bokaykay a.k.a. Cashmere Bouquet when he Americanized his name and settled here?

I think not.


Princess of CJ said...

I would accept it if it were an sms. Hehehe!

The owner might be Pinoy or Asian but at least he/she has a flower shop. :D

mitsuru said...

princess of cj,

the owner is 'merkanong- merkano gaya ng hamburger ng mcdo. :)

karamihan sa kanila dito mahina talaga sa spelling kahit mga degree holders. :)

vernaloo said...

hahaha that's hilarious Mitsuru..thanks for sharing hehe :)

raqueLLe said...

that will make a good entry at! lol

snglguy said...

I agree with you Bill, tungkol sa kahinaan nila sa spelling. Even Jay Leno loved to poke fun at the average American's lack of proficiency in their own language. :-D

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