Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lea Salonga...YOUR SONGS

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so very much for the support you have shown throughout my over 30-year performing- and- music- making career. As a way of showing of showing my gratitude. I'll be holding a special concert in December dedicated to you. However, I need your help...I'd like to ask you to help me shape this show by letting me know exactly what you'd like me to sing!

You can send in your request through this website until September 30, 2009. And if you have any photos with me, please send them to the Photos page. I'd love to have a copy for my scrapbook!

Plus, I'm giving out an extra treat! After the deadline for requests has passed, we'll tally the entries to get the top 3 most requested songs. Everyone who asked for any of those songs will be eligible for a raffle where I'm giving away tickets to this special concert. So send in your requests now!

I so look forward to hearing from you! See you in December!

Lea Salonga

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