Thursday, September 10, 2009

I've Got the Music in Me

When I was about 11, my Dad gave me a cassette tape of Chopin’s nocturnes and told me to just listen to it and let the beautiful melodies carry me to places that I have never been to. "Just go with the flow," he said. Although I did not quite get it then, I certainly understand it now.

I had it on my Walkman and cassette player for years until it died a natural death due to the inevitable wear and tear. I have since bought a similar recording on CD years ago where I would usually listen to the very familiar tunes in my quiet moments. It helps my mind relax and dream of the future in stressful times.

And today, I am returning the favor.

I say Dad, let the familiar melody of your favorite nocturne bring you joy wherever you are today. Requiescat in pace.

Happy Birthday Akihiko-san!

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