Sunday, April 08, 2007

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

All my bags are not yet packed...

As usual the procrastinator in me had overpowered whatever will I have to pack my stuffs a week ago or in this case even at least, a day or two before my trip to New York City.

So here I am coming from a 12- hour ER shift frantically trying to pack all the stuff that could fit in into my small carry-on luggage for my spring sojourn to the City That Never Sleeps that will commence later today after an hour and forty minutes flight from Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport to La Guardia Airport aboard NorthWest Airlines.

But if I made it the last time, I know I can make it this time.

So start spreading the news…LOL

Happy Easter to you all!


I'll keep you posted with regards to my adventures and mis-adventures in the Big City. I will continue blogging hit and run style. :)


Gina said...

LISTEN New York!!!Lay out the red carpet for Bill!
Have a wonderful time there and you know I'll be waiting for 'news' about the show (sure you know what it is! =P)
Sigh... I hope I'm able to watch Les Miz before Lea's stint there ends...=( ( I just keep dreaming...)

vernaloo said...

new york! new york!

hehe we're like the same. Everytime I travel, I pack my things last minute hehe

Have fun Bill :)

mitsuru said...


i'll do that and hopefully you could catch her, too.

yup, all habits die hard. LOL
i forgot lots of things pala, come ot think of it. grr.

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