Sunday, April 15, 2007

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Filipino superstar and boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao has once again showed the world the vaunted power of his fists as he bludgeoned his way into an easy 8th round Technical Knockout of the lanky but game and erstwhile unbeaten but untested Jorge Solis of Mexico, thus re-affirming his status as the consensus world’s best boxer pound-for-pound as well as the pugilistic world’s most exciting fighter today.

His victory at the historic Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas has once again united our fragmented nation even just for a day as the country grinded to a halt just to watch him defend his World Boxing Council International Super Featherweight belt on the world’s stage.

His victory has once again proved that a Filipino can dominate and excel in a particular field because of his natural talent and sheer hard work.

His victory has once again proved that we as a nation can be one with the right person at the helm.

Thus, I am endorsing his candidacy as Congressman of the First District of South Cotabato. He may not have the educational attainment as warranted by his detractors but I know that he can get things done if not with his head but with his fists.

He might have lacked the diploma for he was the product of the school of hard knocks as compared to the others who were graduates of “prestigious” colleges and universities complete with numerous prefixes and suffixes to their “distinguished” names but look what they have done to our country so far?

He can be a genuine pro- poor congressman if elected for he understands the poor as he was once been one before unlike the pack of wolves in congress who are just mere pretenders and whose concept of being pro- poor is doing the rounds of the palengkes and slums in the country for photo opportunities.

He can be a hands- on Congressman for he used to be a hands- on panadero and doesn’t mind if his manicure will be ruined while doing the dirty work for his constituents.

He can make laws that will reform the educational system as he was a school drop- out because of poverty and surely knows the plight of the people who can’t afford to go to school compared to the others who graduated because of their money, political clout and pedigree.

And we can be sure that he won’t be sleeping on the job for by doing so will be against his training and could be dangerous to his other profession.

Manny Pacquiao has helped and continue to help people even if he is not a public official yet. He helps them with whatever he could afford out of his own pocket and without asking any favors in return. He shelled and continue to shell his own money that he earned the hard way; money that he earned through his blood, sweat and tears; money that he earned risking his life; money that he earned in an honest and right way.

That cannot be said, though, of our government officials and the elected members of both houses of congress, who earned their wealth in nefarious ways and shamelessly flaunt them as if they’re God’s chosen people right in front of our very eyes.

We have people in the government who continue to disrespect the Filipino people by the way they run the government to the ground. We have people in the government who continue to insult the Filipino people by shoving into our throats laws that are anti- poor and anti- people. We have people in the government who continue to disgrace us by failing to provide the Filipino people with the basic necessities in life. We have people in the government who continue to desecrate our proud legacy as a people by blaming others but themselves for the ills of our country.

So, let us hope the people of the First District of South Cotabato vote him as their representative to congress in May. Let us hope that the people in his district should hail him and haul him into congress and replace the incumbent who with her family has been in power for years now and yet has done nothing to improve the lives of their constituents.

Let us give Manny Pacquiao his fair chance as we did the other “more educated” Filipinos before him.

After all, we still live in a democrazy err democracy where all should have an equal chance and opportunity to serve “himself/ herself” err the people.

Who knows given the track record of the House Representathieves err Representatives we really need a Manny Pacquiao and his iron fists to knock his colleagues head back to their senses?

Mabuhay si Congressman Manny Pacquiao!

Laban na tayo!


Princess of CJ said...

nanalo pala si manny? good on him!

he's one of the icon that filipinos are proud of.

no comment ako sa philippine politics. i have long resigned to the idea not to be interested in it. i have never voted, except for barangay election once. :D

thanks for the visit. will link you up din! have yet to read more of your posts. wanna know what you've been up to!

annamanila said...

Hindi ako makarelate sa endorsement mo kay Manny para sa congress. But I agree with the rest of the piece ... how proud he makes us feel as a boxing great.

mitsuru said...

princess of cj,

yeah, matigas kasi talaga ang mga kamay ni manny. manos de piedras sabi nga ala roberto duran. :)


actually it's just my way of telling my crooked views about philippine politics.

it's a parody/ satire/ sarcasm na pinaghalo sa kabulukan ng politika sa bayan natin. ;)

btw, the antoninos have been in power sa south cotabato and they're moneyed and products of "reputable" universities but look at the state of the province or district?

maybe pacman will be a better alternative who knows? ha-ha

it's a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, if you ask me just like sa lahat na tumatakbo sa halalan mapa national man o lokal. :)

annamanila said...

Bill, I am sorry. That occurred to me -- that you may have written satirically. But it didn't seem like that to me for the most part. I thought i read it more or less thoroughly haha. But now I see how i may have been 'duh.' Eh malay ko ba. hahaha sige, next time medyo alam ko na.

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