Friday, July 13, 2007

Weird, huh?

One college professor of mine whose face has a funny resemblance to one of the characters of the “Tatlong Itlog” fame/notoriety of Philippine Comedy once told his chemistry class that “some of you here have photographic memories” looking directly at me while he was seated in his desk and the whole class were busy copying some texts from the blackboard that he had written earlier.

Only a handful of my friends have known this before; I finished my Bachelor’s Degree which was my pre- med course from Aquinas University in Legaspi without a single notebook in my possession.

I never took notes and I managed to survive the course by reading the textbooks once in a blue moon (or when I am not under the influence of the spirits of the glass then) and most of the time by reading my girlfriends' notes on the subjects. Ha-ha.

But no, I don’t possess a memory that will put the famous Savant Daniel Tammet to shame. It’s just that I hate taking notes because I can’t decipher my handwriting afterwards.

But I do can remember facts, faces, places and other stuff as way back as when I was three years old at the snap of my fingers and I’m good at it.

I can almost always point out the culprit in most CSI series that I have seen and so far, I have diagnosed correctly three of Dr. House’s cases to the amusement of my landlady cum ehem. He-he.

And three years ago, I went to Chicago for the Jeopardy! Auditions, but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to be called to the Studios in LA. So far, lady- luck is still elusive for me. I’ll try again until I die if I get the invite in the near future.

Another professor in chemistry who once topped the Chemical Engineering Board Exams but during my time he was already in his 70’s and way past his prime.

One day, I told my best friend Beth that for all our hard work in the lab, sweating out on experiments and the tests/ quizzes that goes with it, I don’t think that our esteemed professor really bothers to read them at all nor has the time to check them.

She dared me to prove it and so I did…

For our midterm exam which was usually an essay, I wrote my best science prose about the ions, anions, etc. etc. that I could think of in the first paragraph, then in the middle, I wrote, “the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog” followed by the lyrics of The Beatles‘ Come Together plus whatever things that popped up on my mind.

My essay ended up in mishmash, an assortment of linguistic mumbo- jumbos that can be seen in persons with flight - of -ideas.

Afterwards, I ended the essay with the conclusion based on the scientific findings that we were able to arrived at and so on and so forth.

To make the long story short, we finished the semester and not a word was heard from the Engineer about my essay and when we got our grades at the end of the year, we all got a uniform 85 for the subject.

That’s me for you folks, if I know that you’re bulls***** me, I’ll do the same to you. Well, not really, err sometimes, opps me and my big mouth. hah-hah.

So, mirror mirror on the wall that’s two weird things about me already and I know my blogberk Salamin is still waiting for more…

This one’s different though, I don’t know how you would call this but I have this uncanny thing that borders on a sixth sense. No sir, I can’t summon them like the others at their convenience for mine just comes out from out of the blue--in dreams, casual conversations, a brief flash in the mind, etc.

Case number one--

Three days after my Dad’s funeral I dreamt of him coming back home and the first thing I noticed was his clothes. It was the same one that he wore on the night he died and he told me, “I am not the one in there” pointing to the hearse that carried his coffin. He raised his arms to give me his customary hi five and I did the same and then he put his left hand in his pocket and fished out several peso bills and handed them to me. I counted them at 250 pesos and noticed that the paper bills were wet and then my dream was interrupted when somebody woke me up for lunch.

I then asked my grandmother for my Dad’s clothes from the hospital and she told me that it was in the water basin near the faucet in the back of the house being soaked ready to be washed. I immediately went there and went for the pants pocket and tears run into my face when I got hold of what’s inside--it was the same wet peso bills with the right number and denominations that my Dad gave to me in my dreams.

Case number 2--

Three months ago while I was having dinner, out of the blue I found myself sharing some stories about my childhood adventures with the lady of the house. I told her about how this childhood buddy of mine was so funny and survived electrocution while fishing illegally with his contraption of improvised electric machine used to stun fishes in the river after he accidentally grabbed on a naked wire whose electrical tapes loosened out while in the water. We were laughing so hard when my cellular phone beeped and it was a text message coming from a friend informing me that, that particular friend of ours just died hours before from a lingering illness.

Case number 3--

Just a few days ago, I was chatting with my ex- girlfriend whose now happily married with kids when our conversation veered on the topic of the communist insurgency and she told me about her uncle who was executed by the NPA in the 70’s whose body was never recovered and I also told her that I have 2 close friends/ classmates who were also summarily executed by the rebels.

I proceeded to tell her about how this friend of mine who was with the Army. He was riding his motorcycle in one of the towns in Quezon Province on his way home to his pregnant wife who was about to deliver their first born in Albay when he ran into an NPA checkpoint and was shot point blank between the eyes when they found out he was a soldier. She surprised me when she typed in, “is it N?” The truth is, she never even met him nor know him from Adam. She said that it was the first name that came to her mind.

So, there my friends. These stories were just a few of my supernatural experiences and I think I better contact Mr. Jaime T. Licauco for some explanation about these things.

What do you think?

(First of a Two Part Series)


snglguy said...

Funny but, I too had this professor in architecture school who was also in his 70's. He was one of the first architects in the country if I'm not mistaken. But the only difference between your prof and mine is that, he is really into details. I mean, he really checks everything, from our floor plans to our perspectives... talagang walang lusot!

Err, so you have sixth sense? Padi, can you tell me my future? Hehehe :-D

Hey am still waiting for that response. :-D

mitsuru said...


I don't know if it can be considered a sixth sense though.

But it happens out of the blue always. The cases I mentioned were just a fraction of what i actually experienced in years. :) I'll consult Mr. Licauco about them & i'll post ang sagot nya. ha-ha.

btw, i think the people that can tell your future can be found in your own backyard. Pasyalan mo naman kasi sila sa may Plaza Miranda. he-he

Wil said...

hey there, just bloghopping. kathy also tagged me but for a different meme. :D funny story about the chem paper. My memory's not as good as yours however. I have to use memory tricks (associations, substitute words, etc) to remember things. :D

Anyway, that dream about your dad is weird, dare I say supernatural? I also dream sometimes about my late dad and it feels weird and disappointing when I wake up and realize it was only a dream.

vernaloo said...

at least you don't talk to dead people hehe're good! never akong naka guess ng tama sa House...

when a good friend of mine died in a plane crash, I prayed so hard for him to visit me in my dreams coz we didn't have a closure but it never happened...maybe I should pray na magpakita na lang sha sayo then pakisabi na lang ng message nya sa akin hehe

mitsuru said...


yeah, there are some weird things that we really can't explain and also we really did some foolish things when we were young. lol

tnx for dropping by.


i have an unfair advantage since I have a medical background and I was able to stumble a subsclerosing panecephalitis (sspe), a rare kind of disease when i was a junior medical intern in uermmmc years ago.

and about your friend, be careful of what you wish for. :) lol

Gypsy said...'re scawie...;) I can almost hear The X File's music while reading your post...

Surfergirl said...

hi mitsuru,
THANKS A LOT for voting for me!! really appreciate it! im glad you like my photos as well. anyway, your stories gave me the creeps (not in a bad way) especially abt your dad--as i always dream of my dad who has passed away as well.
wish i had your photographic memory!

mitsuru said...


ha-ha. those were just three of the many times i experienced weird things. but i got a co- intern in med school who can actually see "them."


my so- called photo- memory is actually over-rated. haha

keep taking pics. you have an eye for beauty, really.

kathy said...

Hey Bill, thanks for doing the meme. :)

The hairs on my back stood up when I read about the story about your Dad. That was a definitely weird, or should I say, supernatural encounter. I've never experienced any, in case you're interested. Maybe I'm too much of a skeptic to actually associate anything remotely supernatural to things that happen to me?

Looking forward to your Part Two! :)

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