Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Obama Hotline

No, this picture doesn’t paint a thousand words but it shows US Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama speaking on the phone while holding the receiver upside down which became the stuff of urban legend early in the year which of course as expected proven to be fake.

But this photo is genuine and this is a flier for a phone sex hotline. No, this post is not because I patronize those sex hotlines being advertised on late night TV but this is because of what the Democrats in Michigan re-defining the hotline concept in this year’s presidential campaign.

Here’s an excerpt of what the Associated Press reported the other day--

DETROIT -- A flier sent by Michigan Democrats featuring a photo of Barack Obama that urged voters to submit an absentee ballot application includes a telephone number connecting callers to a phone sex line...

Now, that's a real hotline to Barack, if you ask me.

Say again, Ooh- Bah- Maah?

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Panaderos said...

Man, it's been many, many years since I was last in Detroit. It was December when I made the trip to that city. I drove all the way from Chicago to visit a few friends who were working near downtown Detroit. The city itself, especially the downtown area, doesn't do justice at all to the state of Michigan. Went barhopping with them and in one of those bars, a pretty American lady asked me to dance with her. Who was I to refuse? :D

I hope things have changed since then.

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