Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy 8

Allan Caidic, once one of the most feared shooters in the Asian Games as well as in the Philippine Basketball Association’s history, is also my favorite local ball player next to the Skywalker Samboy Lim. Oh yes, the number 8 is the Triggerman’s number.

On a parallel note, like him I can also hit those shots from downtown. I’ve won some moolah in friendly bets and also hit some game- winning shots in pick- up games, too. But no, just to crush whatever notion in your mind, I am not NBA- material that is worth your while (although my 3- point shot is within its standard range). I am not a qualified Liga ng mga Barangay hotshot either.

I can’t outrun the youngsters anymore and would find myself huffing and puffing just minutes into the intense basketball skirmishes that characterize the Filipino brand of basketball in my neck of the woods. I am now actually more comfortable in trying to unseat Richard Gomez as the image model of that Philippine clothing company that he endorses and I’ve been warming up the seat for the longest time now in actual B-ball games in preparation for that eventuality.

But this entry is neither about basketball nor modeling, but it is more about a higher calling, of looking deeper into somebody’s life, in trying to find some answers to some questions.

This is about what the Ladyship of 12th Sanctuari has commanded me to do, which is to make a list of 8 random facts about myself; a task that is quite hard for this mere mortal. So, I need to face the odds lest I will be condemned to eternal damnation in the form of not letting me lay my hungry eyes again on her wonderful and delightful gastronomic creations.

Although I live in Motown, Slim Shady I am not and will probably get lost in the dozens of strip clubs along 8 Mile in dangerous Metro Detroit. The Eminems I know are not Marshall Mathers the rap star (and his posse) but a bit more on the sweet side, the multi- colored M&M’s that I usually ingest if I happen to skip breakfast.

Also, I don’t wield the power and influence of those people in the City of Man running around town with bodyguards and riding in super-sized vehicles fueled by the power symbol of that lucky number 8.

Anyway, to make the long and winding story short, let me just re-learn how to count again. So, let’s go and do the 8- list, pronto!

One for the money…
I will never get rich even if I die tryin’ since I was born with a hole in my pocket. I guess you could say that I am not a boxer but an Okinawan practitioner, more at home with an open palm than a clenched fist. The word spendthrift really suits me.

Two for the shoe…
I don’t have a blue suede pair like Elvis but I am a certified shoe- hog. I have a collection that is more than the average Juan but less than the notorious Filipina butterfly during her time in Malacanang. But I am not a sucker for the dear and expensive ones. I buy my Nikes and Jordans from various online and in- store sale from Finish Line. My shoe mantra is- if it’s more than 40 bucks, I will never wear one.

Three to get ready…

Ready or not here I come! Yes, I am an impulsive lot and sometimes I get into trouble because of being one. I can’t say that it was all that bad since the rollercoaster ride was actually better than I expected it to be although I can honestly say that the road less traveled is not for the faint- hearted.

Four- tune…

This is not a misspelling that you sometimes find in a fortune cookie. This is about how I can carry a tune. They say that anybody can whistle but I just really can’t and it’s the main reason why I never dared singing John Lennon’s Jealous Guy even if I’m drunk. And 4 stands for the musical instruments that I can manhandle even in my sleep.

Five for Fighting…

I grew up in a tough neighborhood and “sport” usually means a way of settling scores by way of the fists. I cannot count in my fingers the times that I have found myself in those situations but I guess it’s safe to say that I've had my fair share of blood and bruises while growing up. Some funny lessons that I learned along the way-- that some people fight with their eyes closed, the loudmouths were always the cowards, and to always have a back- up plan if things don’t go your way including the age- old discipline of Bitbit- tse. He-he. Funny, but I’ve also learned through experience that the people that I fought against with are the same ones who end up being your trusted friends and allies that will also fight for you and along side you until the very end.

Six- pack…

This is not about my abs although I wish to have one like Bruce Lee’s or the Pacman in my own sweet time. A six- pack is a six- pack and it’s a good way to drown your misery or be high in glory. Nah, I am not that much of a drinker anymore. What used to be a penchant for hard alcohol in my youth is now mellowed by the fine taste of wine. Nowadays, I’ll pick a pinot over a martini anytime. But beer is an old favorite of mine. I do drink a bottle once in a while and boy I miss those ice- cold SMB. Someday, I plan to go to Bavaria and experience Oktoberfest, first hand. I do have a lot of tales to tell during my time with a bottle to pass me by and hopefully I can share them with you when the spirit in the shot glass wakes up.

Lucky number Sleven…

7-11. My Japanese name has seven letters and I was born on the 11th day of the summer in the year of the dog which reflects why many girls think that I am so hot- NOT! --Having led a checkered one half of my life, I guess "too hot to handle" is probably the more apt description here. He-he.

Although I can give the Filipino comedian Bayani Agbayani a run for his money in the waist department, he will definitely kick my butt in the dance craze that he popularized since due to my bulging tummy, it will be a struggle for me to do the crazy Ocho- ocho.

I could go on and on, ramble some never- ending trivia and facts about my so- called life but the royal edict by the ruler of 12th Sanctuari limits the freedom of this jester to excrete more juices than he already had. Be that as it may, I think therefore that the eight random facts about myself that I spilled here is fairly enough in this case.

Now, let's do the Ocho- ocho...

Note: If you're wondering about the photo above, click here and be amazed and enlightened.


Gypsy said...

Haha!! You obviously had fun with coming up with your magic 8! I wish all drunks were like you--that is, not singing when they know they can't!! I think its no longer Ocho Ocho these days but I forget now what the latest dance craze is. :)

Gina said...

Interesting '8' Mitz!

I can't whistle too =(
I wish I have a closet full of shoes- I have the tendency to be a shoe hog, as well.

Hey, you're that guy in the pink shirt in that group pic ano? Were you on a medical mission?

I miss being part of medical missions back home. =(

haze said...

So a fan of Samboy Lim APPEAR TAYO ! He's the only one I like from all Filipinos basketball players kasi nga very humble sya at very calm while playing ! Mr. Friendship tawag ko sa kanya !

Belle said...

wow, love the way you enumerated 8 random facts about you - brilliantly done.

so, do you mind if i call you imelda jr? hehe...joke. for me though, if it costs more than $30, this goes for clothes, too, i will not buy one.

Leah said...

What a cute Magic 8. Cute naman ng rhymes and intro. For someone who loves musical, I am surprised you dont even try singing. Practice makes perfect you know. Tingnan mo si Richard Gomez, he thinks he is a good singer already.

karmi said...

Hello. Thanks for the song tip. I'll check it out on youtube. If you have any more romantic songs, pls let me know. Chao!

raqueLLe said...

thanks for heeding the call of the number 8. :D your poetic genius never cease to amaze me! btw, what are the 4 instruments that you can play?

..from your end to mine..itaas mo! :)

mitsuru said...


i don;t usually sa karaoke or videoke, if i can help it. but i always end up singing most of the time. ha-ha.


yes, we were on a medical mission in batangas. that was congressman/mr. vilma santos later senator with us who dropped by.


samboy the skywalker. the best. :)


thanks belle. if i can get the same shoes for less, there's no logic in buying them at the exorbitant prices. patience is a virtue since in 3 mos. time, half- price na. haha


i do sing kahit lashing. i just don;t know how to whistle. hehe


will do. :)


thanks. the 4-- a guitar, a a guitar, guitar and a guitar. :)

Panaderos said...

Great post, Pards. Regarding those fistfights, I've been in a few myself and like you, those guys ended us great, lifelong friends. I guess there must be something in violence that makes us respect each other. Hahaha

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