Monday, October 06, 2008

BBC: Harry & Paul's 'Mating a Northerner with a Filipina Maid'

If you find the film clip below funny then there must be something wrong with your head.

In this day and age, this kind of show which pokes fun at other people, races or statures in life has no place in a civilized society especially if the main aim is to earn some cheap laughs or two.

I say, SHAME on the British Broadcasting Corporation (or shall we say, the British Bigotry Corporation?) for ever allowing this sketch to be shown on TV. It may be funny for some especially for the kind of people who patronizes this kind of comedy being served on their laps by Harry & Paul, but for every decent citizen of the world it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

If the people behind Harry and Paul think that they can get away with this particular brand of "British Humor" then they are mistaken for in reality the JOKE is really on them.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote in his book and I quote,
“Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.’


Gina said...

It's more disgusting than funny.

besy said...

totally inappropriate

168 said...

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168 said...

and remove verification code, nobody spams ;-)

raqueLLe said...

sickening. totally.

Belle said...

i don't see any humor to it except that the guy in blue shirt resembles more of orangutan.

Belle said...

i would like to add to the above comments that the filipina, i believe, is just as guilty, if not guiltier than H & P for making fun of her own people. that to me is unforgivable. she is no different than malou fernandez.

mitsuru said...


You're right. But sabi ng British Ambassador, freedom of expressio daw. ;(


I agree. ;(


I second the motion. ;(


based on my exp, they do spam ;)


Albino O.? Ha-ha. We don't know if the person who portrayed the character is pinay. pero kung pinay sya then guilty talaga sya.

Anthony @ Phil-UK said...

The thing with this sketch is that the Filipina was not the target of the joke.

In fact, it actually mocking how certain types of English people see themselves as superior to all those outside their social class. In this case, we are supposed to be laughing at the middle-class English guy who reveals his own stupidity by the way he treats others. The sketch is an exaggeration to show viewers the ignorance of that Englishman’s way of thinking.

This type of ‘flawed character’ sketch is a popular theme in British comedies

There's a little more explanation in the post and comments about the Filipino community’s petition against the Harry and Paul show.

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