Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Just Another New Year's Eve

Bottles of Champagnes, Beers and Bourbons

Red, White & Blue Balloons,

Caviars, Cigarettes and Cons.

New Year's Eve.

Baboons and Buffoons romp in smoke- filled rooms.

Anyway, if you want to drink and be merry tonight, DON'T DRIVE.

Treat your Lady to a night of romantic Carriage Ride in the snow and have those ice- cold Bud Light in hand instead...


Happy New Year!


Gina said...

Happy,Happy New Year to you Mitz!
Wishing you joy and laughter!!!!

raqueLLe said...

oh how romantic! it would be lovelier with horse meat steak packed in a basket!

happy crappy new year bill!cheers!

karmi said...

happy new year! i hope you enjoy the rest of your snowy winter. here's to lots of joy, in spite of buffoons and tired old clowns.

mitsuru said...

Gina, Raqx & Karmi,

Happy New Year Ladies!

salve said...

Happy New Year, manoy!

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