Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Geeks are No Freaks

I have reached my level of incompetence and I’m sure Mr. Peter whose Principle I first encountered when I was in high school two decades ago when I got hold of his book from Ol’ GrandPa’s bookshelf is probably grinning in his grave and probably saying, I told you so?!

You see, my desk top computer crashed and with it all my files gone kaput (or until I find my recovery discs from the heaps of CDs scattered all over the apartment) -- and with the meltdown goes thousands of my personal stuffs from pictures to writings to videos to music that dates back to about three years ago.

Damn Windows, I’ll probably switch to Mac. So, PC or Mac anyone?

Good thing I was able to back them up in my laptop, actually not all of them. But it's OK.

Some files I was able to save in CDs and some on-line. But it’s better than nothing, eh? Maybe it’s about time to buy an X- drive, huh?

Yeah, one of the reasons I made & maintain several websites was to back up my stuffs for free. Thus, I have several accounts with Blogspot, Tripod, Multiply, Photobucket, Picture Trail, My Dear Diary, Album Town and so on and so forth.

And they were up to the task and I thank the Geeks for that.

Meanwhile, please excuse me while I perform CPR on my CPU.

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raqueLLe said...

ouch! at least it wasn't a total crash. why don't you try an external hard disk instead? i just got my second one this afternoon its 350GB good enough to fill with pictures and mp3s and downloaded tv series. :D

and ps. have yourself a very merry christmas!

mitsuru said...


yup, might as well get one. truth is, i've been planning to buy an x- drive a yr ago but the procrastinator in me always prevailed. he-he.

have a white christmas. :)

Rudy said...

Better get a Mac, padi. I've been drooling over one but it's too freaking expensive... bah!


JM said...

Dump Wintendo and put Linux in there. You won´t regret it.

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