Thursday, December 06, 2007

Booby Trap

Mary Carey, the Porn star who once challenged the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenneger for the governorship of Cali-Foo-Nyaah is on the news again and she's planning to auction her recently removed breast implants for charity, the Breast Cancer Research.

How’s that for 15- minutes of Fame in the guise of a good cause, huh?

No, she’s not done with it though, she’s gunning for a bigger and better(?) pair of Bs from 36D to 36 DDDs. I don’t know what’s with some men err women in this case where they want to change their God- given assets to monstrous proportions and yet it’s not even that good nor better nor beautiful than its former size err self.

I guess we could put all the blame on Pamela Anderson for making Silicone implants the in- thing since her Boobwatch err okay, Baywatch days and Tommy Lee Sexcapades.

Heck, even Borat wants a piece of her cake and eat it too. We can’t blame him though for aiming for one of America’s iconic Bombshell. I’m sure it will benefit his movie sequel, this time his quest for Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit of Glorious Nation of Kaboobsthan.

It’s just Melon-dramatic if you ask me of women who wants to aspire for a far Bigger Future than what nature has given them. To each her own I guess but I say just be thankful with what you have. As for me, I’ll always go for the natural. Peace!

Here’s an example on why breast implants should be banned…

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karmi said...

eeew! the last pic with the old woman, that's not pretty at all. men always say natural is better. but guys, they know how to give in, and they accept it, if the woman wants it. i also think what's natural is better. but women are always fighting with their bodies.

Rudy said...

Eww! That old lady look like she's got two cantaloupe sticking out of her chest... :-D

mitsuru said...


a friend of mine is thinking of having her "future" altered. i hope this post will deter her from doing just that. ha-ha


if i could only tell you the details about the things that i saw here esp with very mature ones, still with those enormous twin peaks. ha-ha

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