Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sexy Back

Obviously Justin Timberlake never laid his eyes on this specimen when he wrote the song Sexy Back which ended up as the “longest- running number one single of 2006” on the Billboard Hot 100.

It was part of his second solo album Future Sex/Love Sounds.

What do you think ?


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snglguy said...

Hehehe, sexy indeed... for a guy. :-D

Gina said...


vernaloo said...

huh? was it a 5 seconder video? hehe

Gypsy said...

Hahaha!!! This reminds me one time when I was in Boracay, I saw this long haired blond person standing in waist-high water and I thought--"Omigosh, topless! I didnt know you could do that in Boracay!" Then he turned around: it was a scrawny Japanese guy! Nyehehe!

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