Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Josh Groban

Much has been said about the outrageous prices of his concert tickets for the Manila stop of his Awake Tour. Much has been said about the scarcity of the tickets whenever and wherever he performs(In New York City, tickets for his Madison Square Garden Concert were sold out in 20 minutes after the opening bell!). Much has been said about many people not being able to afford them. Much has been said about all the fuzz about him and his songs by the uninitiated.

Much has been said about some fans feeling disenchanted because of the unfortunate situations above.

You can blame the unscrupulous businessmen for their stinky business savvy but blame not the man. You can blame the greedy producers for the unpalatable ticket prices but blame not the singer. You can blame the sharks in the music industry but blame not the entertainer. And you can blame the tone-deaf ignoramuses for their hatred but blame not the person.

In fact, you can also blame his legion of fans worldwide especially the ladies for swooning over his voice and pledging their undying love for the man. You can add to the blame the true music lovers of the world for his success, too.

But make no mistake about it, this man got talent and you can’t go wrong with him.

He is a complete package.

Josh Groban
, the quintessential singer of songs straight from the heart and everyone’s favorite performer is a joy to watch on the stage.

He will heal your wounded heart with his voice. He will caress your spirit with his charm. He will touch your soul with his innocence. He will bare his soul to you with his songs. And he will make you laugh with his silliness, too.

Behind the silky, soaring baritone is a passionate entertainer, a genuine troubadour, a brilliant preacher, a one of a kind showman and a proven healer of the heart rolled into one..

Here’s a teaser, a glimpse of him playing “Remember When It Rained” and hear the voice that’s taking the world by storm for several years now…

NOTE: You can view all my clips of his concert (almost an hour of music) and read my review entitled "Wide Awake at the Palace with Josh Groban" at the following websites/ blogs:

Rhapsody in Black

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Gypsy said...

"He will heal your wounded heart with his voice." Wow ha, spoken like a true fan--or a true romantic? Anyway, I am happy just to listen to him on a CD and you're right, he is brilliant. :)

Princess of CJ said...

i love the voice of this man.. and for me, he's very down to earth, kaya love sya ng marami. :)

vernaloo said...

I love Josh Groban and even though I don't know the meaning of some of his songs, I sing them. I believe when I was really heartbroken, I play his album over and over again. "Remember When It Rained" is one of my favorites :)

Too bad I can't afford the tickets :(

mitsuru said...


hmmm, what do you think?:)

princess of cj,

you're right my dear. :) you can watch his concert in one of my blogs/links:)


you can watch his concert in one og the links in my post. he's a g singer and funny, too.:)

snglguy said...

And speaking of stinky businessmen and greedy producers, kung ganyan kamahal at ka-hot ang concert tickets niya, I can just imagine how much these guys will charge for a ticket to a Barbra Streisand concert...

mitsuru said...


barbra's ticket will be way up there and she had her concert a while back in the big apple but unlike groban it was not sold out in 20 mins right at the bat. :)

the prob with the ticket prices is not only in the phil. here in the US, Hannah Montana's (?) concert tickets, umabot pa ng $3k because of the scalpers!

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