Friday, October 19, 2007

Cheap Shot

Just hours after the Glorietta 2 Bombing that killed 9 and wounded more than a hundred Filipinos, Honorable (?) Senator Antonio Trillanes IV sent a message to the media.

However, instead of condemning the people behind the attack, he launched an obvious politically- motivated offensive against the government by accusing some people close to the President of being behind the attack without proof and pieces of evidence to support his accusations.

"I believe the Glorietta 2 mall blast that killed eight and wounded hundred other persons is the handiwork of Malacanang Palace, particularly National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales and AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] Chief of Staff Hermogenes Esperon."

This is a very insensitive action in a very volatile situation on a very sensitive issue that the neophyte Senator has made.

This should be the time where we should not let political intramurals undermine the conduct and result of an on- going investigation.

This should be the time where we should let the investigation run its course since even the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the government of Australia have already offered their assistance in determining the true cause of the carnage in Makati and unmask the culprits. In fact, they're already on the scene as reported by the media.

Is this act, a ploy on his part to pre-empt the result of the investigation or to condition the minds of the people against the government or mislead the investigators or just an ill-advised stab on the proverbial 15- minutes of fame at the expense of the victims and their families?

How low can you get, Mr. Senator?

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vernaloo said...


btw it was reported this morning that 9 are already dead. I think the one who was in critical condition already died. sad...

snglguy said...

Such bold, sweeping statement coming from someone who, a few years ago, wanted to bring down the government through violent means. Or maybe the honorable(??) guy suddenly developed an amnesia?

The sad part is that, there are many who believed him, as seen on the comments in some blog entries about the Glorietta blast.

Gypsy said...

In the first place..why oh, why do we allow in our law, people in prison to run for any government position?? And why oh they get voted in??? Haaaaay!!!

Princess of CJ said...

i think, it is more on misleading the investigators.. he could be one of those behind that incident. :P

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