Saturday, October 13, 2007


It’s the best time of the year, they say.
Far different from the tropics where I used to play
And it is just a matter of time before I will finally
Realize the beauty that will unfold before my eyes.

They say that it is the time of year that I will remember forever
Where the birds will fly carefree in the azure sky
And warm my heart with their haunting lullabies.

They say that summer is good but fall is better
The weather’s fine and the colors are amazing
And my life will be a-ok and I will be happy.

Deep in my mind,
I almost believed them
Had it not been for one lingering question-

Why does my heart feel blue
In Autumn
When the leaves are turning bright red, orange and yellow?

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Leah said...

Nicely written.

Why sad though? Sometimes the change in weather does that. Just like when winter brings Christmas and somehow it can make us really sad or really happy.

mitsuru said...

it's one of those days...he-he.

tnx for visiting:)

Gina said...

Hey, you put words into how I feel about this season.

Mixed emotions ako when fall comes. I love all the vibrant hues of nature, and I love the comfortable coolness of the weather, pero I know what's coming next , so I feel sad.

beautiful poetry Mitsuru!

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