Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Nose Knows

Six months ago, I came across an article that was published in a magazine written by a Caucasian whose name I cannot recall, wherein his observations while traveling across Asia merited a page in that sorry magazine (I will not mention the magazine, hence I will be giving them undeserved publicity) that most Asians disgustingly pick their noses in public!

Although I hope that Asians are not again being stereotyped by the said article or are being singled- out because of the size of their nostrils in this case but one can’t help but think otherwise. There are a lot of advantages in having two large holes in one's nares mind you, but it will merit another post for that lest we stray from the topic.

Surely Asians have bigger holes in their noses compared to Caucasians but it doesn’t equate that we are more prone to picking our noses especially in public because of that particular anatomic feature.

On the contrary, this finger digging exercise isn’t confined to only one race and although I do agree with some of that ignorant author's observations, I say that Asians does not have the monopoly of this unsavory practice as nose- picking or nose- digging is a universal phenomenon. And I want this misconception corrected. Ha-ha.

In my travels, I have seen with my own eyes this finger- dipping practice or shall we say exercise being done in the most unusual moments and unexpected places. And majority of the players are not Asians at all. In fact to put it more bluntly, Caucasians dominate my experiences of seeing this booger- rolling events.

Thus, I say that whether you’re white, black, yellow or brown, nose- digging is just one of the many things that we have in common. It’s just in our nature, you see. It's the great equalizer actually.

Anyway, I will not go further into some graphic and gross details just to prove my point but let me just share these pictures from your neighborhood paparazzi showing some of your favorite stars and celebrities doing the precious “dig.”



Anonymous said...

the graphics had me in stitches! LOL!

mitsuru said...


yeah, LOL indeed. welcome and tnx for dropping by. :)

Panaderos said...

The photos prove your point. Hahaha

Good thing you refrained from mentioning that magazine.

haze said...

LOL, HULI KAYO ! I agree, this is a normal human thing but we Pinoy are really awkward doing this on LIVE :D! It's kind of showing good manners therefore we do it secretly !

mitsuru said...


as they say, pictures don't lie....LOL

mitsuru said...


tama ka at huli talaga sila! ha-ha

kathy said...

HAHAH! What else can I add, except: Case closed! :)

But I'm curious. How were you able to put all those photos together? Or were those photos already collected in some website?

Rudy said...

The thing about some white folks is that, they think their fart is better smelling than non-whites... eh sa quantity ng beans and meat sa diyeta nila baka mas mabaho pa yun, hehe. :-D

Salve said...

mapagkunwari naman kasi itong mga caucasians na ito. kala nila sila lang ang pinagpalang lahi.

mitsuru said...


i got those photos from several websites. it's really amazing what those paparazzi can do. LOL


i will not elaborate into details but mas mababango ang mga pinay talaga! hahaha


maraming ganyan kahit saan tayo mag punta. kahit sa mga pinoy/ pinay ganun din. basta ako lagi ko silang
ini- enlighten sa culture natin. haha

Belle said...

ohmygosh, i was laughing hard!!! where did u find these pictures? you took all these?

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