Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lea Addict

Anybody who’s been here before knows that I have a huge crush on Lea Salonga since way back and you can certainly label me as a certified fanatic of the singer- actress. Ha-ha.

Yes, folks all you have to do is search my archives here and you’ll know what I mean. And I do travel near and far just to watch her perform, too.

So, indulge me once again as I share with you this snippet of her performance at the taping of The Sharon Cuneta Show which ABS- CBN will air on Sunday, May 18, 2008.

Video: mjrodis

Update Alert!
--I've recently updated my other blogs/sites under the Perfect Circle category. You can visit them if you have time to spare. It's no big deal really but to quote my dear old Forrest, "It's like a box of chocolates...You never know what you gonna get!" :)


the suspect said...

i could definitely relate. she is the greatest living filipino artist -- her voice lingers even if it has been weeks after watching her live show, her stage presence is incomparable, her charm is contagious. when i watched her concert in cebu valentine's day 2007, i cried. i could die.

Rudy said...

Adik ka talaga! Adik... kay Leah, hehe. :-D

Anyways, met her once while she was browsing inside my bro-in-law's computer shop in Shangrila Plaza many years ago. I think I was having my pc upgraded that time. Too bad di pa uso ang camera phone noon, haha. :-D

haze said...

Count me as a fan but not an addict LOL! I love her perform and yes I totally agree with The Suspect....her voice lingers even after watching her that day & weeks passed! This is how I call gifted with an angelic voice ;), sana ako rin !

Gina said...


Hey, nice pic of u with her. I guess it was after you watched Le Mis ano (can`t make the question mark work, may napindot ako sa keyboard..)

Panaderos said...

Very good choice of an artist to idolize. Can't go wrong with someone like Lea.

Annamanila said...

Thanks for sharing another snippet from the National Treasure.

Oooh I know from your blog pieces you're a Lea addict and that you travel miles to see a Lea show.

Just curious .. what do you think of Bituin Escalante. If you ask me -- she's underrated but magnificent, too.

Surfergirl said...

that's a nice photo of you and lea. she is very admirable indeed.

Leah said...

You are a true fan . and she is worth all the travels I'm sure. I'd watch her too once I get a chance. I read her mulitply blog once in a while. Love her voice. I want to see that Cinderella show. Hope it comes here in Canada.

mitsuru said...

the usual suspect,

I agree:)


guilty padi!


ha-ha. :)


actually it was from her concert in tarrytown, new york.:)

mitsuru said...


what can i say? :)


bituin escalante is also a very talented singer. still, i prefer lea to her. haha


amen to that. :)


let's keep our fingers crossed that cinderella will come to north america.:)

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