Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Little Manila on PBS

On May 9, 2008, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) will be airing a documentary entitled-

Little Manila: Filipinos in California's Heartland

So, if you live in North America, check your local PBS TV Schedule for details.

Here's a brief synopsis of the documentary--

"Filled with chop suey houses, gambling dens, and dance halls, Little Manila was the area in Stockton notoriously called, Skid Row, but it was also the closest thing Filipinos had to a hometown.

In its heyday in the 30s, this lively area had the largest population of Filipinos outside of the Philippines.

We tell the story of Jimmy Ente, Jr., a longtime Stockton resident recruited to work in the asparagus fields. Jimmy, and many other like him, faced backbreaking work, low wages, and at times extreme racism to fulfill their dreams.

Narrated by famed Filipino-American producer, Dean Devlin (Independence Day, The Patriot) this documentary tells the immigrant story as Filipinos experienced it."


Rudy said...

Too bad we don't have PBS here, this is a very interesting documentary. Hmm, maybe some local channel will pick it up...

Panaderos said...

I'll have to check my local listings for this. I wonder if this will be shown under PBS's "The American Experience" series. Probably not.

mitsuru said...


i'm looking forward to this docu since I've read some articles about the experiences of the earlier pinoy immigrants in the US re; racism, harsh living conditions, low wages, etc.

i can't find a picture on the net of the sign that reads 'No dogs and Filipinos allowed.'

mitsuru said...


it will be 11 pm EST on my PBS local TV station.

here's a link for more info--


the donG said...

do you think this will be available soon in youtube. very interesting.

mitsuru said...

the dong,

There's already a DVD of this docu at the PBS website. I'm sure, merong mag a upload nyan. :)

haze said...

Interesting documentary, hope we'll have one in France!

Surfergirl said...

this is eerie. i have come across an article about this before but havent really looked into it.
Hey how was Harold and Kumar 2??

mitsuru said...


just keep you fingers crossed. :0


since i know you're a history buff too(vietnam war, etc.) pwede mo ng basahin next time. :)

btw, twas hilarious but...

Anonymous said...

i saw a mini-documentary about little manila from the black eyed peas' bebot video.

mitsuru said...


oh, i didn't know that. mahanap nga. he-he. thanks.

Shan said...

Good pictures. Very good post. I've seen this documentary and it's excellent. Keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

you may checkout BEP's website. i hope it's still there.

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