Thursday, May 24, 2007

Le(a)s Miz Takes

I took these footage clips of Lea Salonga signing autographs after her Les Miserables performance outside the Broadhurst Theater.

It was way, way past 11 in the evening and yet a lot of her fans waited for her to emerge from the backstage door just to catch a glimpse of her, have her autograph and have their pictures taken with her to cap their wonderful evening and complete their Lea’s Miz Memories.

There were a lot of Filipinos in the audience and Lea was mobbed by the crowd wherein majority of them were Pinay nurses.

Cameron Mackintosh should thank Lea Salonga for helping the show draw more crowds from the Filipino community who usually come in droves night in and night out.

This was taken on April 10, 2007 the night where I watched the show.

Talasan n’yo ang mga mata n’yo at baka may kilala kayo sa mga “magugulong” Pilipino sa Broadway!

The next two flicks were taken on Friday the 13th after watching the Mel Brooks musical, The Producers at the St. James Theater which is just across the Broadhurst, I noticed the familiar black Cadillac Escalade that Lea boarded on her way home three nights earlier was still parked on its usual parking space just across the theater so I decided to wait a little bit longer and after a few minutes Lea emerged from the backstage door and thus my hunch was right all along and so I was able to get these clips.


Read Meredith Vieira's Blog on Lea Salonga

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  • *For those of you who haven't seen Miss Saigon yet, click the link below that will take you to YouTube where there's a bootleg copy of the Original Broadway Musical starring Lea, Will Chase, Norm Lewis etc.

  • Miss Saigon

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    Gina said...

    ;) Ang 'gugulo' nga ! Kailan kaya ang turn ko'ng makigulo?
    Thanks for sharing Bill.

    apol said...

    Hi, Bill! Nakikiusyoso lang... And the thing that kept going through my head as I watched your videos was, "It was still cold enough in NY in April for coats and a hat?" Here we were in T-shirts na. And now we're actually beginning to sweat. Hello, baking-hot summer!

    fruityoaty said...

    Wow, thanks for sharing that!

    Whoah, that was bit of a mob, back there, lol. At least she was very accomodating and graceful --- signing those autographs.

    I always wonder about that --- that whole fan mob thing. I imagine it must get scary for a star. I mean, heck I get a bit claustrophic in a cramped elevator... can't imagine being mobbed by a bunch of Pinay nurses, lol.

    Leah said...

    Just read Meredith's blog - that's pretty cool, huh?

    I'll be sure to check out Ms Saigon in your You Tube link.


    mitsuru said...


    you're welcome. tawa tlaga ako just by watching our kababayans going crazy in b'way. :)


    yup, 'twas really that cold esp during night time. the wind chill's the culprit though nasa single digit yata at that time.


    she's so accomodating and nice.
    re: fan mob thing, on the contrary celebrities enjoyed them a lot for it shows they're still hot! he-he


    you're welcome. tnx for dropping by.

    snglguy said...

    Is that real fur she's wearing? If it is, I wonder what the animal rights activists would think, hehe. :-D

    snglguy said...

    Is that real fur she's wearing? If it is, I wonder what the animal rights activists would think of her... hehe :-D

    jenny said...

    Hey singlguy, obviously Lea is only wearing a regular quilted down-filled coat with fur trim on the hood. These trimmings are usually made of synthetic materials( read: faux fur). If the fur trimming in her coat came from a butchered animal, it's no big deal. I have the same coat like hers(mine has raccoon fur trim but I don't care coz I got it on sale and it fits me well):) Almost all people here wear same kind of coat during wintertime. Heck, we all eat dead animals, anyway.

    If she was wearing an exotic-looking thick compact fur plush coat, then PETA activists would be alarmed.

    Annamanila said...

    Ang talas talaga ng radar mo when it comes to your fave Miz (saigon and mizerables?).

    Thanks for taking all the trouble to share the Pinoy pride's performance with us.

    All best Bill.

    Analyse said...

    kainis, i cant download the pix ang videos.. hmm, babalik ako ha, pagbalik ko sa france hehe.. mas mabilis browser ko sa bahay. ;)

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