Friday, May 18, 2007

In Memoriam

Yoyoy Villame (1938- 2007)

His music was part of my youth when childhood friends in the province would sing his songs over bottles and bottles of the Philippine National Drink, the stainless Ginebra San Miguel in endless drinking sessions that would last until the wee hours of the morning.

His Philippine Geography, Magellan, Hayop na Combo, Butsekik and many others once ruled the cold and dreary nights of Tiwi, Albay wherein intoxicated young men would play his music on their heavily- bandaged Lumanog guitars under the streetlight by the dusty roadside that would always elicit good- natured laughter from the usual kibitzers and passers- by.

Although I never really learned the entire lyrics of his songs but during those times it was fun and a necessary break from our usual stuff of slow rock and new wave music.

Let’s give Yoyoy another round of applause and let him entertain us one more time.


  • Unchanged Melodies
  • for more of Yoyoy's Pinoy Music


    Leah said...

    Oh this is so sad to hear.

    Last year, my sister and my cousin and I bumped into him in the mall here in Canada (he was here to have a show). He even graced us with a photo op and an autograph for my mom.

    Bless his soul.

    Princess of CJ said...

    another sad story back home that i learned this week. :(

    i haven't memorize any of his song though but i love listening to them. kaka-aliw!

    vernaloo said...

    oh...I didn't know about his death..weird. When did this happen? Or maybe I just missed it on TV.

    Gina said...

    Yoyoy and his music will forever be remembered. He was in a league of his own. May he rest in peace.

    anna said...

    I join you in applauding Yoyoy Villame -- who gave us music in his inimitable style. I am sure he will live on through his music.

    fruityoaty said...

    Truthfully, I've never heard of Yoyoy Villame. I certainly do learn a thing or two about Philippine culture when I visit your blog once in a while. :) That's a good thing.

    analyse said...

    that's sad. but his music will continue to play in those jamming sessions around a bottle of ginebra, that's for sure.

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