Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Juan Tamad

Spring is here…

And the trees are turning evergreen and the flowers are all in bloom.

Yet for the past four days, I can’t will myself to spring into action.

I am just too lazy these days…

Too lazy to cook--

For four straight days now, I’ve been on a very unhealthy diet--

I've been gorging on McDo McGriddles or Burger King Angus meal for Breakfast, the $5 Chinese Buffet for lunch and Applebees New York Strip for dinner.

Yes, I am gaining some weight and my belly is growing on a daily basis.

But what can I do?

I am just a sloth nowadays too crazy to go on a diet, holding on to the false belief that I can get rid of the love handles faster than I could swallow a piece of a hot Burrito.

Well, maybe I’ll start pumping some iron again and do that Navy SEAL workout that I’ve been planning to do for the longest time and maybe succeed in having rows of "pandesals" in my lousy abs.

Too lazy to get out of bed--

The early bird gets the worm?

Nah, I’d rather snooze more, get some Z’s or read more in bed. So far, I’ve read 4 books of no literary consequence already and I’m on my way to finishing the fifth, Cross by James Patterson of the Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider fame.

Yes, I’ve put aside my Marquez, Mann, Mishima, Hugo, Ishiguro and even Coelho for the time being and I am feasting on old books by John Sandford, Ludlum, Forsyth and of course Patterson instead. And I am liking the adrenaline- pumping actions even if it is only in the confines of my bedroom. It’s just like having a slam-bang action movie inside your mind.

Too lazy to write something or update my blogs--

It’s been more or less five days since I’ve last updated some of them and here I am typing and coming out with uninspired words that are really hard to come by in moments like this.

And I am sorry that you’re reading this garbage. My apologies from the bottom of my you-know- what? That’s waste management for you. Ha-ha.

Anyway, all these dull stuffs and inanities in my life will all come to pass and I’ll be back to my old self again in no time.

Trust me or else…


Gina said...

Hey Mits! =P You are allowed to be lazy every now and then, so don't worry! In behalf of all your other blog visitors, I'm also allowing you to enjoy all those unhealthy but yummy fares that you mentioned- Mcgriddle, BK,etc.etc. (ay ,ano ba ito,nagutom tuloy ako, maka-almusal na nga pagkatapos ko dito). Also, it's good naman to balance between the classics and those action packed novels, di ba?
Lastly,by all means, blog when you are ready!

Princess of CJ said...

you're not alone in doing these stuff. hehehe. medyo lumalamig na din dito sa amin and though i need to get out of bed early, i don't. and yeah, binge eating is normal... almost everyone i know complain about it in days like these.. so indulge. :P

vernaloo said...

it will pass. It's alright to be lazy once in a while. After all we're working hard din naman most days :)

Just be sure to wash the dishes hehehe


snglguy said...

From one (older) sloth to another... I hope you get your mojos back soon, noy.

annamanila said...

You are entitled to off days. I had a few lately .. when I thought I might quit blogging.

But for a "garbage" post, this is good! We can relate to the battle with the bulge, the ennui, the book reading, etc.

All best! You're fine, Bill.

kathy said...

Get off the bed and bloghop to your blogger-friends' sites for some adrenaline rush, hehe. :)

Oh, I wish I could have one of those lazy days again - but having a kid and all, it's almost impossible. So, savor the moment while you can... :)

Analyse said...

i should say i was just on my lazy days too.. you know, no baby to feed etc etc after work when im on travel.. but well, im catching the plane in 3 hours, bye bye lazy days now..

hey, just watched les mis last sunday.. grabe, it was magnifico!

mitsuru said...


haha, you're's ok to be a bum once in a while. in my case i've been a bum for too long now. lol

princess of cj,

it's good to know i'm not alone. he-he. i hope you're well and free of those preg- related issues. :)


finally, i did wash the dishes and once again was able to do that karate- kid thing while in the kitchen.


hey, you know the feeling, eh? ha-ha got mine back. :)


thanks for all the positive things. we'll i'm no general patton and i'm losing in my "battle of the bulge" badly. hehe


yup, always do except i'm lying in bed while doing it. haha
well, for a busy mom and a scientist by profession, i'm not surprised at all. :)


hi nice to hear from you.

too bad di tayo nagkita. ubos na kasi bakasyon ko at nagbabayad pa ng mga utang. haha. my next time pa naman, who knows? :)

anyway, so you finally heard the people sing!

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