Sunday, September 21, 2008

Of Autumn, Escapism and Beauty

Although autumn officially begins tomorrow, I felt its welcome presence as early as a week or two ago when I went out for my early morning jog (okay, walk) around Heritage Park in nearby Taylor.

The leaves are beginning to change their hues, the mornings becoming mistier and the dews more pronounced on grasses. Yes, the chill is here, complete with that smoke in your breath and the endless flocks of birds stopping by on their journey to a place that is far, safe and warm.

Although Fall is very conducive for writing, I am not inclined to start anything. No, not yet. My pen is still in hibernation while my mind is elsewhere, somewhere…

I am just in escapist’s mood lately--

I have been watching a lot of movies whether it was from the DVDs that I borrowed from the local library or in the nearby Dollar Theater in Allen Park. Just yesterday morning, I went to watch Righteous Kill, the new De Niro/ Pacino movie for $4 at the MJR Digital Cinema. I availed myself of the Super Saver promo wherein you get to watch new movies for half the price provided you buy your tickets and watch the movie before 12 noon.

Also I downloaded an audio converter which I am now using to convert my CD collections into MP3s. I still have 28 days to go before the trial period ends. So, the little bit of free time that I have is being spent in seclusion, converting and uploading music to my Multiply and mind you, I have several accounts in this very user- friendly, social- networking site not to mention a lot of features that you just can’t find anywhere.

I made a Friendster account before and except for a once in a blue moon visit, I actually neglected the whole thing. Its very limited features are frustrating enough and not worth anybody’s while if you ask me. Well, probably that’s just me. As they usually say, “To each his own?” He-he.

And what will be escapism without books?

I’ve been reading a lot of pot boilers, too. The non- fiction has to take a back seat for the time being. I just don’t know but I am in no mood for that stuff lately. So, Patterson, Sanford, Silva, Griffin, Deighton and Le Carre are my circle of friends for now.

I even added my name to the library’s waiting list (#71) for the new Jason Bourne novel, The Bourne Sanction by Eric Lustbader. I’ve read some of his novels before and this I can say, the guy can write. I think this is the second book about the Bourne series by the late master Robert Ludlum that he did and I feel that he is up to the task. Still, I will not part with my $20 for the hard cover one. He- he.

But the mother of escapism for this couch potato is the idiot box-

Sports is a given but the TV programs are just quite hard to pass up. I used to love ER but I have grown tired of it to tell you the truth and I am glad that this will be their last season. I am now biased to CBS when it comes to programming though. The CSI series, Criminal Minds, Numbers will always be up there. But you can add my good friend, Adrian Monk of USA Network to the list too. I do watch Law and Order- Special Victims Unit and House from other networks although not on a regular basis.

Oh, don’t get me started on the net for it will be a never- ending…..get the picture? He-he.

Fall is beautiful not only for its colors but it also heralds the return of those TV series mentioned. So, on Tuesday, I am looking forward to get reacquainted and be reunited again with my little darling Ziva David, a Mossad agent on loan with NCIS. This petite actress from Chile is such an eye candy. Oh yes, she can kick ass, too!

Her name, by the way is Cote de Pablo.


Gina said...

uy, we like her too, altho' not as much as Tony's favorite 'girlfriend' Abby =P . We are looking forward to see the second part of this season's premiere. We really like NCIS!

haze said...

Indeed beautiful and of all the scientific police series I prefer NCIS with Mike Harmon, The CSI Miami, Lass Vegas and Manhattan we have them all, kaso in French :(! I wanted to watch the OV **sigh** I need to change my television first ! Well soon !

raqueLLe said...

lets just blame the weather for the sort of dysfunctional activities. :)

indeed.. fall will call you back to couch, and on our end, to downloading and ages of waiting!

why not write a review of those that you've been reading? who knows someone might jump into amazon and have a good reading time too. :)

Belle said...

where i am, fall is my favorite season of the year. this is the time when i can still wear shorts and not get sunburnt...perfect for outdoor activities.

Cote looks gorgeous.

karmi said...

looks like you have the whole season covered. have a good one! how come i've never heard of ms cote and i live in chile..

mitsuru said...


Gothika! I like Abby, too. :)


That's another way of improving your linguistic skills further (though I know you can speak and write in French really well). Btw, how do you say "batok" as in "Binatukan ni Gibbs si Tony" in French? He-he.


May one of these days. If the spirit will guide me. he-he


Fall is the perfect season for me. Not too hot and not to cold either. :)


Cote and her family migrated to the US when she was 10 but she is still consider Chile home. :)

Edie - Socks said...

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