Wednesday, September 10, 2008


You used to tell me when I would admonish you about your drinking
that just like Edgar Allan Poe with his Amontillado, you need your beer
to summon the creative spirit from deep within you.

Yes, you were quite an artist albeit a temperamental one
everyday you pursued the muses, challenged the gods
and wrestled with the demons that came your way.

Although in the end you succumbed to the frailties that made and unmade you. This I can say--

You put up a good fight, laughed your heart out and enjoyed the ride…

Tonight, I will drink a bottle of beer in your honor
but instead of an Ice-cold San Miguel, I’ll toast a Michelob for you.

So, I say Kampai to you Akihiko!

+++ My Japanese father AKI was born in autumn 2 years after the end of the Second World War and left in May, 18 summers ago to play chess and drink with his buddies in the great beyond.

He would have been 61 today.

I'll share with you this lovely piece of music by Stanley Myers. It is the theme from one of my Dad's favorite movies, "The Deer Hunter" performed here by the lovely Croatian virtuoso, Ana Vidovic--

This is the trailer of probably the last movie that we watched together, "Empire of the Sun" with John Malkovich, Miranda Richardson, Ben Stiller and a very young Christian Bale. It was directed by Steven Spielberg.

The Welsh Lullaby, "Sou Gan" is just so beautiful.


Belle said...

hello kabayan Mitsuru,

I love the music. I wish i have half of her talent. she played it effortlessly and passionately.

Salve said...

Kampai to your dad, mitsuru.

Gina said...

Cheers! to your dad, Mitz!

the music is so hauntingly beautiful. the guitar player looks ethereal.
I get affected so much with war movies that I try not to watch any.

Talaga naman palang Christian Bale started young in showbiz. I was trying to look for Ben Stiller in the video. Did you mean , Ben Stiller of Meet the Fockers? :-)

Anonymous said...

cheers to your dad mitsuru.

mitsuru said...


kumusta tabi? haha




cheers! yes, it's ben stiller the funny guy.


cheers your royal highness!

haze said...

She's beautiful and she plays well ! Very touching peace of music...still dreaming and hoping to learn how to play guitar one day **sigh**

Cheers to your Dad!

Surfergirl said...

empire of the sun is one of my favorite movies ever. suo gan just makes me cry everytime i hear it. so beautiful.

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