Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hope Spring's Eternal

Hmmm, after months of blog inactivity which could be blamed partly to the cold, cold Michigan winter, I’m now trying to find my way back into Blogspot again and resume my writing chores at least on this particular blog since I’ve been writing and updating my other sites regularly.

I’m no Rip van Winkle but I surely did sleep the winter away and finally woke up to the colors and aromas of Spring which is quite a big relief to my frost-weary body.

I can now hear Vivaldi’s strings in the air as the tulips and hyacinths and such are slowly emerging from the once snowy ground.

Don’t get me wrong but I love Winter for I like walking deep into the woods covered with snow where I could commune with nature; feel the cold breeze on my hair, the gentle touch of the snowflakes on my face and listen to the howling of the winds as well as the occasional chirpings of some wayward robins and cardinals in the air.

It’s an uplifting experience, I tell you just walking in silence along a narrow trail amidst the vast white empty space wherein sometimes the only sound that you can hear is your own footfalls as it crushes the soft ice beneath it.

But Winter on this side of the world has gone on for too long as deep freeze seems to be the flavor of the season. Michigan, as Michiganders would say, is notorious for its unpredictable weather and this year it is kinda different from what I‘m used to. It was never like this during the 4 years that I've been here. Days are so short and nights are soooo long. And they’re much colder and chiller, too what with the mercury hovering between single digits and below zero (and in Fahrenheit at that), you‘re left with no other option but to stay indoors most of the time although I do venture outside from time to time especially during snow storms to take some pictures of the wonders that come with it.

Anyway, Spring is surely a welcome respite and I am now in the process of embarking on a very strict regimen that will put Manny Pacquiao’s Spartan training routine to shame in order to lose those unwanted bulges in the middle that dear old winter, sinful foods and my sedentary lifestyle had given me.

So, my game face is on and I am now ready to take on all comers, if only I can overcome the inner sloth in me.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


joshua said...

I gotta say that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet.

Congrats! Take these words like a blossom blessing as I'm bloging around.


Gina said...

Mitz, I have the same goal for the spring!!! Here's to losing those darn extra pounds! =)
Aren't we all glad that the winter finally bowed out?

Nice those tulips. And I agree--- in small doses, winter does have a charm of its own.

Salve said...

Nice pictures, mitsuru.

while it's cold where you are, we're experiencing weird weather condition here. since it started raining last week, i feel like summer is over. and it's mid-april pa lang.

mitsuru said...


tnx & tnx for dropping- by.


Cheers! I started my routine already and my body's sore at the moment. aguy! haha.


maray ngani ta bako mainiton maray dyan ha? dai ka nag uli sa tiwi?

Rudy said...

In your first pic, you looked like a GI during the Battle of the Bulge, hehe. :-D

Rudy said...

BTW, wanna trade? our summer to your spring... :-D

Analyse said...

winter is too long everywhere, i think.. dito din.

Gypsy said...

I so envy your winter photos! The most I enjoyed were an inch to about 5 inches of snow! But like you, I am loving spring and all the lovely flowers here in the UK. :)

Salve said...

manoy, baka haluy-haloy pa ako makauli sa tiwi. nakaka-miss na ngani duman. masiram magbakasyon. ika?

mitsuru said...


yeah, add a pistol and holster, i can be like george patton.


the result of global warming, eh?


michigan is notorious for its bad winter. but i always look at the bright side, so instead of hating 'em, i've learn to love 'em.


iyo baga, pero baka 1-2 years pa bago ako maka uli. ;)

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