Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Minnesota

It’s late April and still snow continues to fall in Minnesota not surprising for the state at this time of year where the weather forecast says the region will be blanketed in thick snow anytime soon.

We arrived in Minneapolis- St. Paul Airport late last night on our way to San Diego and what greeted us was the nipping wind blowing right into our faces, numbing us in the process. Our Northwest Airlines Flight 755 out of Detroit was delayed by the plane’s spoiler malfunctioning and had to endure a 4 hour flight delay, transferred to another aircraft and missed the connecting flight that will take us to California.

Northwest gave the passengers $100 service recovery vouchers to appease us for the delay and inconvenience. They also booked us in some hotels in downtown Minneapolis to spend the night and catch the first flight to San Diego the next day.

On our way to downtown Minneapolis, we caught a glimpse of a city that is quiet and fast asleep, which was expected though for it was already past 1 am when we finally boarded our shuttle from the airport. The city was deserted with only a few brave souls darting in and out of the sidewalks in the freezing cold as well as a few cars plying its wet narrow streets.

We settled in a quiet Country Inn miles away from the airport. We inquired at the desk if the bar and restaurant is still open since we were all starving but was told by the clerk that it was already done for the night. So, I gave the clerk my meal voucher and grab whatever food that my two trembling hands (probably due to hypoglycemia) can grab in the small convenience store in front of the registration area.

To make the long story short, I threw all my diet plans and regimen to the wind and ended up gorging on junk foods and sodas one after the other while surfing the net until the wee hours of the morning. I never thought that Maruchan cup noodles could taste so good and the ice- cold cola beverage rejuvenating!

Afterwards, I took a quick dip at the heated pool to relieve some of the stress from my tired and aching body. I went to bed 30 minutes later since I have to wake up for the 7:30 shuttle pick up and slept like a log for about an hour or two.

When we left for the airport, I couldn’t help but smile at the sleepy shuttle driver as he zigzagged his way at the slush- covered roads of the Twin Cities with one hand on the wheel and holding a cup of steaming McCafe Espresso on the other while evading the early morning traffic rush.

Thank God, we all got to the airport in one piece with plenty of time to spare and I cannot forget the sleepy head’s expression as his droopy little eyes went wide and flashed with delight when I handed him a crisp $20 tip for the rollercoaster ride--Priceless!

Ah, the pains and joys of traveling and what have you...

One can only sigh and take it on the chin and charged everything to experience.



Gina said...
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Gina said...

Hey, Mr. Seasoned Traveller! Seasoned in the real sense of the word ha, kitam from spring/summer weather straight back to winter 3 hours after. =)

Enjoy your latest 'outing'!

Panaderos said...

That was a tough experience. I travel quite a lot too in my job. Although I haven't experience (not yet anyway) having stay overnight at a city, I've spent countless hours in airports waiting on delayed flights. Not fun at all.

The US airline industry has deteriorated a lot since the late 80s. The fare wars, aging air fleets, congestion in the air, and the price of oil have made the flying experience awful and uncomfortable for the average American.

haze said...

Arrrgh zigzag road is my enemy! OMG, snowing? Is it often like this during springtime? I think you need to visit us here in the South of France we have the best climate, since you love traveling :D !

Glad you arrived safe and sound. It's always not easy to travel with all these inconveniences, good thing you are a person of patience and you could adapt very well ;) !

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