Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The End of Innocence

Look into the picture and tell me what you see?

This painting entitled Innocence is the work of Fil-Am painter Fred DeAsis currently on exhibit at the Arlington Heights Heritage Museum until January 2008 in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Illinois.

The artist and the museum are now embroiled in controversy after so-called “members of religious- rightist group” asked the museum to shut down the exhibit because they are against the said art work and its message.

The artist said that Innocence is “supposed to describe the pain and isolation of child and spousal abuse”and I can’t understand for the life of me the logic behind the uproar with some people going to the extent of calling the painting, “totally disgusting and shameful.”

As for me it is just the product of the artist’s perception and imagery of the subject and nothing more. It is not even a great painting if we follow the usual standard but it is in no way near the description that some people have hurled at the art work.

From the way I see it and by looking at the demographics of Arlington Heights, it is just a sorry and malicious attempt to discredit the artist perpetrated by some uneducated people, bigots actually whose beliefs are tainted by the biases that they harbor for other races even in this day and age.

Yes, people like these are still quite prevalent in many backwater villages in Uncle Sam‘s America.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Arlington Heights, your behavior in this case is not only revolting but “TOTALLY DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFUL” as well.


salve said...

what's shameful or disgusting in this painting?

i agree with you, manoy, it's just a product of the artist's perception. and we have to respect that.

vernaloo said...

hmmm not that I'm an expert (I actually don't know anything about paintings hehe) but I don't see anything disgusting or shameful. You can't even see the boobs hehe wait, is that a little girl or a little boy? or a woman?

oh well depends on how you interpret it I guess.

karmi said...

that is so sad. if they're that inhospitable to the pointing it only means they're very very stupid.

mitsuru said...


arog talaga kaiyan ang iba baga digdi. huna mo sinda ang tama & mga maray mili puti ang u-nit. bago dakulon na "dangag" kumpara dyan satuya. lol


you're right verns. there are more disgusting things here esp in their own backyards compared to this painting. :)


based on my experience, some people here are really ignorant and stupid, if you ask me.

their idea of the world revolves around what they see on the idiot box. :)

Anonymous said...

check this youTube on national broadcast:



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