Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brush Stokes

Awkward landscapes and distant crooked buildings
Bathing nudes and aquamarine rivers
Calloused eyes and women of style
Deadly venomous asps and orange fruitcakes…

Eager brushes by the pale trembling hands
Pained strokes on moldy canvasses
Propped on broken easels in a grey-wallpapered studio
Showcasing the best works that I can do…

Blue trees on emerald forests
Overlooking the impressive blotchy- paintings
Inside the soft iodine-colored show room
Waiting for the chance for the final slap on the chin!

Resplendent smiles from the eyes of a mad man
Standing up against the world in soiled ragged clothes
Trying to savor the taste of yellowed moments
In hushed phantasmagoric silence…

I dreamed of C├ęzanne
But the colors and stars are far from anything,
And the people are not themselves
So, I wept in throbbing shame and heartfelt sorrow...

note: 1st published in Two Moon Quarterly c.2002
Voices.Net Anthology c. 2002


Steffi said...

Beautiful. =)

salve said...

sad, but beautiful.

you love writing poetry, manoy?

mitsuru said...


tnx :)


salamat. minsan kung nasa "mood" baga, ha-ha.

you can visit my blue moon station site for some of my published poems ( i stopped submitting my works for publication though) or my online work station, inks and verses for some raw & unedited versions. :)

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