Thursday, September 06, 2007

O Sole Mio

Grazie Mille, Bouna Notte e Arrivederci Maestro...


vernaloo said...

I don't really know the man but I have high respect for him. He's truly an icon in the music industry.

May he rest in peace.

snglguy said...

He will be missed. But now its time to look for someone worthy to fill his big shoes for the Three Tenors. Andrea Bocelli perhaps?

Gypsy said...

A real loss! But then again, I wonder that he didn't go earlier, what with his lifestyle! But then again, its his zest for life that might have prolonged his life!

mitsuru said...


yes, may he rest in peace.


nobody in my opinion can fill his big, big shoes but andrea bocelli is great in his own right, though.
and just like signore luciano, got loads of his cds as well. lol


well, we can safely say that he was really a lover--of life! :)

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