Friday, September 28, 2007

I Think Therefore I Am

I was bestowed a new title by one of the denizens of cyberspace whom I stumbled upon while passing the time on a lazy afternoon doing nothing but tinkering with the old notebook in the comforts of the sofa- bed in the living room.

I came across this test while surfing today and took the plunge just for the heck of it. The result is quite a surprise though--

See Result: History / Lit Geek

So, I took the test the second time with a different set of questions but with identical results none the less.

Let me state for the record though that I was neither dragged nor forced to take the said on-line test. I was neither hypnotized nor conned by this inhuman force lurking in the world wide web.

I did it on my own free will and was knighted in the process or should I say, crowned

as the...

I'll let the picture/ words of the said program do the talking in this case--

From this time forward, you'll hold the title:

Cool Nerd King

Carry it proudly! says I'm a Cool Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

To say that I was bewildered is an understatement for I fashioned myself as more of a lover (than a fighter, whoa!) and not as err- uhm- ah -okay in this case---GEEK!

And much less a NERD! Ha-ha-ha.

But the computer program said otherwise as exemplified by the glaring result. But I will not lose sleep on that, I still have my beer and some old action TV shows to pass the night away. ha-ha.

And I quote Rene Descartes, my old Frenchie friend from long ago--

Cogito ergo sum...



Leah said...

Way to go Mr. Cool Nerd King....
nice photo befits the titel?

Gypsy said...

It is cool to be a geek nowadays--the other end of the continuum would be the "duh" people--and nobody wants to be on that end!;) said...

OK, I just spent 2 minutes (that I can't get back) doing the test, LOL.

My results: "Nerd Queen". Yikes.

Science/Math = 71%
Technology/Computer = 89%
Sci-Fi/Comic = 85%
History/Literature = 72%
Dumb/Dork/Awkward = 45%

Thankfully, I only got a low 45% on that last category, LOL. It confirms what I've always know, hehe. Well, I've always been proud of being a "knowledge geek"... I'm just not a socially-awkward nerd, hehe.

vernaloo said...

If you fail all the test or say get a very low score..instead of NERD will you get COOL Princess or something? hehehe

mitsuru said...


i know about cool but i don't know about the "nerd" thing. lol.


i guess it's better to be nerd than on the other end of the spectrum:)


what can i say? hail to the queen! :)


i think you're right on that:) just try it for fun but don't take it too seriously. ha-ha. anyway, welcome back to the blogosphere!

Steffi said...

Geek is the new cool. In fact, we girls like cute geeks. =D
Thanks for the test link.

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