Friday, March 16, 2007

Real Foolitiks (Part I)

I almost choked on my Tim Horton’s doughnut this morning when I logged into my laptop and saw the news from the homeland on the front pages of ABS- CBNews, Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star.

Good thing there was a bottle of caffeine- free diet Pepsi nearby that eventually washed the darn thing out of my throat down through my esophagus and into the deep recesses of my gut.

The culprit was NSO administrator Carmelita Ericta proclaiming the “results of the January 2007 Labor Force Survey by the National Statistics Office (NSO) showed that the country’s employment rate went up to 92.2% from 91.9% last year.”

"This means that nine in every 10 persons in the labor force were employed,"
she concluded.

This could only mean that the long- suffering Juan and Juana de la Cruzes will stop worrying about their next meal on the table and this county long- dubbed as the sick man of Asia is on the way to a wonderful recovery which neither science nor faith can explain this welcome miracle.

This could only mean that poverty in our country will soon be history.

Hallelujah, Gloria in Excelsis!


The Filipino taxpayers will have to shoulder the 20 million pesos that the government will spend for the review of the nursing students who will voluntary retake some parts of the 2006 Nursing Board Examination that was tainted by cheating perpetrated by some unscrupulous individuals in cahoots with morally- inept people within the noble profession.

Some will raise hell to high heavens about this considering the outrageous amount in a country where every peso counts and could even make a difference in one’s life but what is 20 million bucks anyway?

We have local government officials from Sanggunian Bayan Members to Mayors to Governors who dips their filthy hands in the public’s coffers everyday and we just look the other way.

We have Congressmen and Senators who loots hundreds of millions of their “countryside development funds“ wherein the money usually ends up literally in their own backyards and we just shrug our shoulders.

We have people in the Executive Branch of the government who continue to amass ill - gotten wealth on a daily basis and we just turn the other cheek and walk away.

I say, let go of all the hullabaloos and let them nursing grads have their retake and everybody will be happy.

It is far better for our nurses to be called healers rather than killers in the end.


"The person who posted this might be discovered and so one thing could lead to another,"
Chief Superintendent Samuel Pagdilao said, referring to the capabilities of the anti-cyber crime division of the PNP-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

"For sure there are people coddling [Ocampo] because you know Ka Satur cannot go underground, continue to hide and run away from justice without anybody helping him," he said.

These are the words of wisdom straight from the mouth of a ranking member of the PNP Intelligence Service. These words also help us understand more the PNP's intelligence gathering techniques and capabilities.

Of course the Police Officer is fuming about Bayan Muna Party- List Representative Satur Ocampo’s video in YouTube and he is in a fighting mood and thus in his moment of enlightenment threatens and warns the person or persons who uploaded the said video that the highly- touted and higly- trained anti- cyber crime division of the PNP- CIDG will soon identify or catch them with their pants down.

In a country like the Philippines where Internet Cafes abound, I wonder how will the intelligent members of the police intelligence service can catch the “culprits” of this Hollywood-style guerilla tactics employed by Ka Satur’s supporters.

Employ the Mod Squad perhaps?

I’ll recommend Johnny English or better still Monk for the job.


National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales have predicted that the decades- old communist insurgency will be history by the end of PGMA's term in 2010.

Well, good luck to you Sir, for if ever you can accomplish what the other regimes have failed to do so I will take my head err hat’s off to you.

"We have to eliminate this," Gonzales told some 1,000 businessmen and senior citizens during the quarterly meeting of the Bataan Chamber of Commerce and Industry held Wednesday.

He said communist rebels are "planning how I can be assassinated. That is true. Our assets told me I should not joke about these things."

He said the rebels’ plan "is the reason why sometimes I am not able to come to some of your (events). I also want to live longer, but do you think Bataan is worth dying for?" Gonzales said the government is now capable of crushing armed rebellion as Filipinos are becoming more cooperative and knowledgeable about the role of subversive elements in society."

Brave words and full of hot air of course--

The insurgency problem will not be stopped by bullets alone.

It cannot be solved by mere rhetoric but of a genuine reform in our government and society.

Since these things can be easily said than done, we should expect the “communist” problem to continue for years to come which is quite sad since we are fighting our very own brothers and sisters.

Yes, Mister Secretary,"the Filipino is and will always be worth dying for."

But not the Filipino of your kind.

Now I feel like gagging and I'm sick on my stomach.


snglguy said...

And ate Glo actually thinks that the tag "The Most Corrupt country in Asia" was based on wrong perceptions. Tsk tsk...

ann said...

"nine in every 10 persons in the labor force were employed." Maybe in Japan but not in the Philippines...hehehe.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a nice day!

Analyse said...

all those headlines make me sick... probably the reason why i seldom frequent phil news now.. nakakahighblood!

Blogger said...

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