Friday, March 09, 2007

Made in Japan

It was 38 years ago today when my Dad, a Japanese who was a member of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOCV) met my Mom who was his English Teacher in Tiwi, Albay in the Philippines.

My father, at 21 years of age, was the youngest in his batch of "Peace Corp Volunteers" in 1968 when he was first assigned in our town that he called home for more than 20 years until he died due to complications of Emphysema in 1990 while my mother was a fresh Journalism graduate of the University of Santo Tomas who opted to teach English and Literature in her hometown.

They met at a Dance Party where they were introduced to each other by the town mayor, no less. At first, my Lolo opposed their relationship due to the bitter memories of the war and filed a complaint with the Japanese Embassy wherein my father was subsequently pulled out of his assignment and recalled back to Japan where he wrote my mother in his funny English everyday.

Soon after, he returned to the Philippines as an "ordinary" Japanese citizen and they eloped to Pangasinan where he started his landscaping career and stayed in the house of the late Senator Eva Estrada Kalaw.

They went back to Tiwi when my mother was heavily pregnant with me and earned my Lolo’s acceptance and the rest as the old cliché goes was history.

So, today I am “turning Japanese” although in a different and whacky way. I am sharing with you some crazy and hilarious Japanese videos I got from YouTube and hopefully you’ll enjoy them 'gaya ko. LOL

The Nose Knows

Jump Man


kathy said...

Truly heartwarming love story! Now I know why you have a Japanese surname. I sort of wondered why your name sounds Japanese, yet evidently, you're a Filipino! Ever been to Japan? Do you speak Japanese?

fruityoaty said...

Lovely story about your parents. Coincidentally, my parents got MARRIED on this day, 42 years ago. They had me much, much later at an older age.

Well, actually... I guessed you were half-half. I have some relatives who are half-Japanese too.

snglguy said...

Some of these clips are from a Japanese tv show, right? Or am I mistaken? :-)

Have a great weekend, Bill.

Bill Mitsuru Shimizu said...


never been to japan in ages but im planning to go there in 2-3 yrs time. my dad's fr aichi & gifu prefectures.

got my koseki tohon with me but i've never applied for a japanese passport, i might change my mind though, ha-ha.

maybe by then i coud meet u & ur family in person. :)


so, we got some connections, eh?
yup, im half- half but i am more of a filipino though coz i was born and grew up in the phil. LOL


ur right my friend, its fr japanese tv. he-he.

gibbs cadiz said...

ha, 2 years tayo magkaklase in college and you told me this story only in bits and pieces! great to read the complete story here. taga-bikol ka ha, don't you dare get dual citizenship! :)

secret admirer said... ur smile

raqueLLe said...

half jap ka pala! all the while i thought it was just a nick! you can easily get here in japan if you want to. have you met your dad's family here? btw, thanks for the laugh! :)

zero voltage said...

I love the craziness of these videos. The japanese rule! :D Nice heritage.

I'd like to share these other whacky videos. Though you might have seen them already.

Arashi-KIshu said...

This is so weird...

My grandma used to manage a hot springs resort in Tiwi. OUr family is a good friend of the owners, the Mendozas. I went to Tiwi in 1997. My mother also had a Japanese boyfriend when she went there on summer vacation in the 70s. He was also a member of the same group. Haha!

Small world talaga. Thanks for reading my blog and adding me!

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