Friday, June 26, 2009

Angels or Demons?

Farrah Fawcett was my favorite angel in Charlie’s Angels

She was every young boy’s darling while growing up in the 70s & 80s

She defied the norms when she posed for Playboy at the ripe age of 50

Her futile battle with the Big C was well- documented and became the staple of America’s penchant for reality shows

No matter how we view the life that she led, it cannot be denied that she was a woman who was not afraid to speak her mind and follow her heart no matter what

She was a woman in her own right.


I liked Michael Jackson

I followed his meteoric rise to the top of the world and his free-fall thereafter

But I did not buy the sexual molestation allegations that were hurled against him by people with hidden agenda that was further fueled by the media into a conflagration that consumed his fragile soul

He was part of my growing up years; I’ve danced to his music, listened to his songs and bought his records

I understood his eccentricities and frailties as a person

I was able to separate the genius from the man.

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