Sunday, May 03, 2009

Manny Mayhem

Manny Pacquiao proved once again why he is boxing's reigning Pound-4-Pound King and one of the best fighters of all time with a brutal demolition of Ricky Hatton in the second round of the scheduled 12-round fight.

The Mancunian Brawler, the reigning International Boxing Organization & Ring Magazine's Light Welterweight Champion, who has not lost a battle at 140 lbs was never in the fight as Pacquiao peppered him with wicked left and right hooks punctuated with vicious lead lefts right from the onset of the fight en route to a stoppage in what was deemed by many as a complete annihilation of Hatton, who was knocked out senseless even before he hit the canvas.

I caught the fight on the "free" Internet Live Stream feed and I gained some extra points in the "one-upmanship" department over some of my friends here when I correctly predicted that Manny Pacquiao will send Ricky Hatton into his "Wonderland" in the second Round days before the big fight.

Most boxing experts were divided on the outcome although they favored the Pacman to win whether by points or inside the distance while proud British pundits said otherwise.

Trainer Freddie Roach boldly predicted a third round stoppage to which Hatton's trainer, the hilarious Floyd Mayweather, Sr. countered that it was his fighter who will come out on top at the end of the fight.

Now, although I'm a student of the pugilistic world as well as an avid practitioner of the great Martial Arts known by many tough Pinoys as "Bitbitse" in my younger days, my record in predicting the outcome of a particular fight, whether it's in boxing or the MMAs, is just average.

But this time I got it right on the money. The problem is that I don't gamble anymore, so I missed the chance of earning some extra bucks that Money err Manny could have given me straight from his punches.

The sight of Ricky Hatton out cold and sprawled on the canvas for what seemed like an eternity after being tagged by Manny's powerful signature left hook was dreadful and frightening. I think he was down longer more than he was up on his feet in this fight. Such is the nature of the brutal fight world.

You can only pray that he will survive the worst knockout of his career unscathed.

Here's the proof of the strange nature of ESP where I was able to predict the outcome from out of the blue; proof that I still have the Gift that I had since forever. Naks.

Move over Jaime Licauco, I might also give you a run for your money one of these days. He-he.


Panaderos said...

That was a good call, Pards. :)

mitsuru said...


naka-tsamba lang. naka- libre lang sa cafeteria ng lunch. :) If only it could translate sa lottery, i'll be one happy camper. he-he.

prinsesamusang said...

you know even now people are making a fuss out of him because of the swine flu LOL

mitsuru said...


oa lang kasi ang media about sa swine flu here. sumakay din yung mga government officials. i bet di naman nila kayang i-quarantine yung mga congressman. he-he

on the bright side, better safe than sorry si doh sec. :)

haze said...

Another pride for Filipino people! Congrats !!!

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