Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This is to give Arnel Pineda and Journey Fans outside of North America the chance to own their new REVELATION CD/DVD ALBUM. So, US and Canada Residents are disqualified to join since you can easily buy the said album at a store near you.

I am a Filipino Journey Fan and I am putting my money where my mouth is. So, I am giving away 2 Revelation Albums every month starting June 30, 2008 until December 30, 2008 in support of Arnel Pineda’s unparalleled journey with Journey through lottery drawing every 15th and 30th of the month.

To qualify, you must be a certified blogger and your site should be current. You can add yourself to the new Arnel Pineda & Journey Fan Group in Multiply, REVELATION if you want to but it's not necessary to avail of the prize. For non- multiply users, you can post a shoutout about your intention to participate in the contest at the cbox located on the left side of this website. Or simply put 'em in the comment section below.

You can also submit your name or pseudoname and the URL of your website/ blog at or journey(dot) or for questions about your eligibility. No strings attached, free shipping worldwide.

Winners will be posted on this website at half an hour after the contest ends. If you win, you can contact me at the same email address for your postal address.

The first drawing will be on June 30, 2008 8 pm EST.



Gina said...

Ay, ang daya, di ako qualified!!! =(

But Good luck to those who want to join..

Mitz, talagang firm ka sa desisyon mong di pwedeng sumali ang nasa US and Canada?

Hope you had a relaxing blog holiday.

mitsuru said...


ok, exempted sa ruling ang mga blogberks ko. so, to those intersted put your hands up in the air! i'll put your name in. haha

Surfergirl said...

whatta comeback, giving away cd's! but i liked arnel pineda's journey to stardom din. admirable!
can i join?? or is oz too far away? hope not :)

Gina said...


I'm in, I'm in!!! I'll spread the word!

mitsuru said...


you're in! haha:)


you bet!

Panaderos said...

Welcome back to blogging!!

Please add me to the list of people who want to participate. I've always been a fan of these guys and Arnel Pineda's Cinderella-like story just made me a bigger fan.

raqueLLe said...

Mahirap makabili ng english cd from here! sali ako! my site isn't current though...arrgghhh i really need to blog again!! ships worldwide bill diba? ;)

mitsuru said...


you're in, too. :) been a journey fan with SP. now with AP, mas ok pa. haha


yup kasali ka rin. free shipping. like you, got lots of pics to upload too for archival purposes. don't want a repeat nung nag crash yung cp ko, andaming nawala, mga vintage pa nman yun. hahaha

Rudy said...

Whatta coincidence, a cousin who just came back from the States has this album in his iPod. Hmm... makopya nga hehehe. :-D

Anonymous said...

Journey - Revelation (2008)[Wal-mart retail] w/bonus track

Track listing

Disc 1

1. "Never Walk Away" - 4:19 (N. Schon, J. Cain and J. Hunsicker)
2. "Like a Sunshower" - 4:29 (N. Schon, J. Cain)
3. "Change For the Better" - 5:52 (N. Schon, J. Cain)
4. "Wildest Dream" - 5:02 (N. Schon, J. Cain)
5. "Faith in the Heartland" - 6:18 (N. Schon, J. Cain, S. Augeri)
6. "After All These Years" - 4:10 (J. Cain)
7. "Where Did I Lose Your Love" - 5:02 (J. Cain, N. Schon)
8. "What I Needed" - 5:28 (N. Schon, J. Cain)
9. "What It Takes To Win" - 5:23 (J. Cain, N. Schon)
10. "Turn Down the World Tonight" - 4:56 (J. Cain)
11. "The Journey (Revelation)" - 5:25 [instrumental] (N. Schon)
12. "Let It Take You Back"
* Bonus track on the European release

Disc 2

1. "Only the Young" - 4:14 (Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve Perry)
2. "Don't Stop Believin'" - 4:55 (Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve Perry)
3. "Wheel in the Sky" - 5:01 (Neal Schon, Diane Valory, Robert Fleischman)
4. "Faithfully" - 4:47 (Jonathan Cain)
5. "Any Way You Want It" - 3:25 (Neal Schon, Steve Perry)
6. "Who's Crying Now" - 5:16 (Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry)
7. "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" - 5:27 (Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry)
8. "Lights" - 3:16 (Neal Schon, Steve Perry)
9. "Open Arms" - 3:22 (Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry)
10. "Be Good to Yourself" - 4:29 (Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry)
11. "Stone in Love" - 4:27 (Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry)

Leah said...

sige, sali din ako. i will post about it in my blog.

mitsuru said...


we don't need rapid share on this. we are not helping arnel's cause by promoting intellectual property theft besides for just 11 bucks the 3 discs cd/ dvd album is quite cheap.


sige, add na kita. the group is with multiply though at

This comment has been removed by the author.

Is this contest still on?! Just making sure... Hehehe... Count me in dude!

I suggest you erase that rapidshare link up there. I agree, it's not helping.

Would you mind if I feature or at least link your contest on my blog? We write about freebies, and yours surely qualify!

tiago said...

Is the contest still on? I'm really stoked for this. Please tell me if I can still join, hehe... I've got the feeling I'll win next month's CD--especially since it's my birthday (hint hint) :D

Anonymous said...

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