Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Songs and Verses

The air is full of the music of your voice,
my soul and body seem no longer mine,
but mingled in some exquisite ecstasy with yours.
I feel incomplete without you.

Listen to me
funeral bed,
parched grass,
dying love.
To a new beginning
Listen to me.

If you were in my eyes for one day
You could see the full beauty of the joy
I find in your eyes
And it isn't magic or loyalty

If you were in my heart for a day
You would have an idea
Of what I feel
When you hold me strongly to you
Heart to heart,
Breathing together

Protagonist of your love
I don't know if it's magic or loyalty

If you were in my soul for a day
You would know what is inside me
That I fell in love
At that instant, together with you
And what I sense
It's only love.

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Two people
and they
held each other's gaze
kissed sensuously
locked in warm embrace
moved in unison
burnt with passion.

it seemed to be.

Two hearts
will never meet-
a heart that loves
a heart that refuses to love...

Echoes, the wind gusts echo
Your name
in the dark chambers, trying to revive the beat

The fire
once upon a time it serve to
Ignite the power within

Your name
No longer reverberates

My heart no longer beats; it is cold and it is dead.

A broken heart
Drifting in the waters
Shivering from the cold,
-battered and old.

A silent lament
Echoed from within
Swirling in the
Cool winter air.

Blizzards, icicles and fog
Blinded the cold hungry heart.

A flicker of light
Glows in the dark
An omen for the one I love.

They say--
We can command our actions
We cannot command our hearts.

Note: This is a sequel to L-O-V-E

Note: 1st verse: Oscar Wilde Letter to Constance Wilde
2nd verse: Excerpt from To Bella (Marc Chagall)
3rd verse: Cinema Paradiso- Se


Gina said...

Happy Valentine Mitz!

I love your valentine 'present' for us.. That last song (Will of the Wind?) just made my morning. I haven't heard that song in ages ,but I found myself singing along. Ang ganda. Like the poems too!

raqueLLe said...

i reached the end of your post without playing any songs but just absorbing the poetry. it felt like i had a short reunion with an old affair... my closet love of writing poetry at wee hours in the morning.. natsukashii!

FruityOaty said...


Belated Happy Hearts Day! Eh, everyone should celebrate LOVE EVERYDAY!

Leah said...

Happy hearts day (belated)! Thanks for the music.

vernaloo said...

Hey Bill...

hmmm parang sad yung mga poems...or maybe it's just me kasi walang ka date last Vday hehe

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