Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Taste of Journey

Yes Folks, you are looking at a bottle of Limited Edition 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon from the De La Montanya Family of Sonoma, CA with an Autographed label from all the members of the rock band, Journey.

With just 16 cases on sale, proceeds of the $100 bottle goes to California's Greater Bay Area Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Hmmm, I'm thinking of getting one but...

Anyway, let me introduce you to Journey's very potent line- up:

Arnel Pineda (lead singer)
Neal Schon (guitar)
Jonathan Cain (keyboards)
Ross Valory (bass)
Deen Castronovo (drums)

And new lead singer Arnel Pineda’s journey with Journey begins this coming February 21 at the Festival de Viña del Mar in Chile to jumpstart their 2008 Concert Tour Series…

I say, let's drink to that.

Note: Hey Karmi, you have a chance to see Arnel Pineda in his baptism of fire with Journey. :)


salve said...

cheers, to Arnel Pineda!

Rudy said...

At a hundred dollars a pop, I'd probably just keep the wine as a souvenir, or maybe a conversation piece... :-D

Kudos to Arnel Pineda, are you going to watch his baptism of fire, padi?

mitsuru said...


cheers! :)


i'll watch them when they come to the motor city.

yes, if ever i'll but the bottle, i'll save it for my collection. :)

i'd rather drink the $5 gallo. lol

karmi said...

oh wow, i don't know if i can make it to viña. i would love to though. i heard so much about the festival. if i don't go i'll be sure to catch it on tv. apparently, they show the festival all the time every day.

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