Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ghost Riding

Ever heard of Ghost Riding the Whip or Ghost Riding or simply Ghostin‘?

This is an on- going craze sweeping the United States for some thrill- seeking people , most of them teenagers whose idea of fun hovers on the wild and dangerous side.

Ghost Riding originated in the Bay Area in California popularized there by the Hyphy culture (a style of music and dance associated with the Hip Hop Culture) and is actually when a person puts the car in neutral or allows it to idle and then the driver and oftentimes his or her passengers exit the vehicle while it is still running and dance to the beat of loud rap music beside it, in front, on the hood or up on the roof.

Some people call it dumb and moronic, some say it’s plain stupidity, I call it as a typical form of teen rebelliousness, a wrong outlet for self- expression and a crazy notion of having fun.

This F-U-N thing have already claimed two lives and more will be expected if these fad will continue which I know it will come hell or high water considering the adrenaline rush a young person gets doing such crazy stuffs all in the spirit of f-u-n.

I’ve done crazy things too in my life as a teenager which I can say is much more dangerous than what these youngsters nowadays are doing and emerged unscathed. I guess me and my friends were just plain lucky back then.

Even the so- called persons in authority whether they admit it or not and who are now trying to stop this craze are also guilty of doing some crazy and outrageous things when they were “young once.”

What’s then the fuzz all about?

Maybe it’s the generation gap, the new world order or simply put, the signs of the times and you can easily tell that they’re always a changin’ since way, way back at the beginning of civilization to the psychedelic years right up to the present where exhibitionist celebrities rules, Britney Spears be damned with or without underwear.

The media on their part and for the sake of their so- called quote, unquote concern for the welfare of the general public have already caught in into the Ghost Riding wave and is now sensationalizing the issue and helping fan the flames that more and more people are now getting aware of this phenomenon and in the process a lot of youngsters are now trying to do the most outrageous and absurd tricks from state to state.

I say, this kind of stuff that youngsters do will have its run for a certain period of time no matter what some people think and do.

I say, these things as in all the other fads in the past will all come to pass once the novelty dies down and the adrenaline rush cools off.

Anyway, here are some of the clips which I got from YouTube about the crazy but dangerous; hilarious but stupid things that some of these kids are so into right now.

Do I hear Bam Margera, Napoleon Dynamite and their minions laughing in the background?


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gibbs cadiz said...

hey mits, unrelated: just wanted to say how much i enjoy reading your blogs. o ha, antagal ko nang inantay na magsulat ka ulit. college pa lang tayo i'd been nagging you to take up the pen again. sige lang, padi! :)


fruityoaty said...

Yes, I first heard about it on TV, about a year and a half ago.

That's crazy, irresponsible and extremely unsafe. There are so many other FUN things to do in this world.

Just wanted to say, you've got an interesting blog. Good reads. :)

snglguy said...

Good thing the only stupid thing I did during my teens was getting into fights, and none of these dangerous stunts. :-)

Bill Mitsuru Shimizu said...


tnx for the encouragement. dai sana ta piriton ko magsurat maski na kung anu- ano. u cn b myditor, gratis pwede? :) ha-ha.


thanks for dropping by. i'll drop by again in your blog one of these days. i'll link you up too.


i also did some crazy stuffs when i was younger; yung iba mas malala pa dyan....:)ha-ha.

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