Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jack of all Trades, Master of None

If a picture can paint a thousand words…..

--then you can have a picture of how I celebrated the coming of the New Year…

But the hangover of the party has nothing to do with how late I am writing for my very first post for 2007.

By the way, a friend once asked me why I have a lot of blogs on the internet.

I told her that it’s just one of my hobbies in order to pass the time or the boredom one encounters while living in a foreign country where after the novelty of the perks and comforts of the place, you grow tired of everything and the next thing you know, you're in front of the monitor typing some insignificant stuff on the computer keyboard and dishing out some sane and crooked views on everything and in the process, bill blahs was born and is now the home site of all my blogs & sites in the vast expanse of the World Wide Web.

All the websites that I have created or have a hand in its creation is in the Perfect Circle Group which you can find on the right side of this blog--

The Legacy of Sr. Don Higino Templado is about the story of the man who once served as the Gobernadorcillo of Tiwi, Albay and also the history of the Templados of Tiwi written by his grandchild Jose Templado who also served as the Mayor of the same town and who happens to be my grandfather and if the trend will continue, I am destined to be the Mayor of my hometown in the future. Only in my wildest dreams and yours, though.

Being a sports fan I created the blog Ball Sheets which deals with all the “ball” sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Football, Tennis, Golf, etc, etc. so if you got the “balls” in you, you can visit this site and have fun.

Mach & Me is all about the adrenaline-pumping of the motor speed racing (F1, NASCAR, and IndyCar Series) as well as the brawn and power of the boxing and mixed martial arts world. You will also find in this site the grace and beauty of the elegant world of figure skating and to tell you frankly I made this one with just Sasha Cohen in mind.

Unchanged Melodies is my music hall. In here I write about the Rock and Roll world, the Broadway Musicals, Operas and other stuff regarding the music business.

- is about books and movies and other stuff.

Lagalag is my travel blog. The most neglected site but a fine one if only I could have the energy to write more. I have never even started about my trip to the Big Apple in 2005 and I am due again to go to the City That Never Sleeps this coming March or April to watch Lea Salonga in Les Miserables.

Blue Moon Station is where you can find some of my published works and unfortunately I haven’t updated this blog for ages. But I will….

Mandirigma- is all about the Filipino Soldier. I am a major contributor on this site and I also help the webmaster whom I never met personally but who is an active soldier in the field with the elite Scout Rangers.

Of Heads & Tails- is my foray in the world of short stories and fiction. Due to time constraints though, all the stuffs here are written in just one sitting and have not been edited just like all of my other entries in my other blogs. So if ever you find some typos or some errant grammar or other stuff, bear with me or better still you can be my editor for free. Ha-ha

Inks and Verses- is my very first home on-line. You can find all my poetry stuff on this one as way back as in 2002. I used to write poetry among other things in High School. I also joined some Press Conferences and contests for High School students both in the Regional and National levels where I won some and lost some. But the highlight I think is when I won first place and 5th place in News Writing and Editorial writing respectively in the Regional Secondary School's Press Conference (RSSPC) as well as landing in the Top 10 in News Writing in the National Secondary School's Press Conference (NSSPC) in the mid 80's but when I went to College for whatever reasons I stopped. I wonder if there are still press conferences for high school students nowadays. I only regained my touch for writing in 2002 when I submitted some poems to the website Poetic Voices that earned me the very first Reader's Feature of the said website where the succeeding poets that where featured were all accomplished and published poets. Its Poetry Editor, Ursula T. Gibson is quite respected in the field too, unfortunately due to some concerns the website ceased to exist. So I guess you can call the years from 1987- 2002 as my lost years, writing wise.

Even though I am a busy person, I always try my best to update one of my blogs at least monthly or weekly or even daily which usually depends on my moods and free time for I am always on the run or at times a lazy one who happens to spend my free time just sleeping on the couch the whole day on my days off.

I write for myself and nothing else. I write for what I believe in and I am not afraid to express my views or opinions on anything whether it is sane or crooked and whether you like it or not you just have to swallow it hook, line and sinker. How’s that for being dictatorial? After all they are my blogs. Ha-ha I’m just kidding of course.

And I write fast for my mind oftentimes runs faster than what my fingers can handle and so I would always end up uploading my works without the benefit of editing them. I got a lot of stuff on my mind waiting to see the light of day and a lot of things that were written that are just languishing on my computer folder waiting to be uploaded to my sites. These are travel logs, poems, short stories, reviews, etc.

Anyway, since learning is a never-ending process and life is a constant change, I am always open to some new things in our everyday life. I always love a new challenge although I get bored easily and move on to some new stuff once the thrill and excitement of the challenge have been conquered or overcome. So you can call me the Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

And my New Year’s Resolution is to---

Stop Procrastinating!

If I can help it, that is.

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snglguy said...

Oooo, oysters and beer... yummy. Welcome back, Bill. :-D

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