Monday, December 25, 2006

X-mas Three

Three poems on Christmas, that is.

Written on three different occasions that show my moods at a certain time.
It’s nothing special though, just some inane scribbles on my notepad while trying to pass the time.

Anyway, read ’em and weep...

It's midnight and here I am once again tapping on the computer keyboard
Trying my best not to fall asleep as I try to write my piece.

It’s been going on like this since I started this pointless exercise one quiet and cold evening a month ago today--

I am still here at the crossroads unable to take the necessary steps to move on
and get on with it.

I wonder if how many people in this place are still awake at this very moment?

I can now hear the noise of the people next door;
the hurried footsteps, the gaily laughs and inaudible chatters
The rush of people passing by at my doorsteps.

I wonder why they’re also up and about at this very unholy hour?

At a distance, I heard the Church Bells ringing.

It was only then that I remember that it is

Christmas day!

Blue Christmas

Icy December, lonely winter
Dreamily watching the snow flakes falling
In my flat just south of Lansing

Weary thoughts circling in mind-boggling proportions
To a far away country, a warm home in the tropics
Noche Buena, Puto Bumbong, and Misa de Gallo.

Christmas in a foreign country, alone in a cold bedroom
Just passing the time with nothing else to do

This time when I call home long distance
I'll tell my mother that --

I was blinded by the snow.

©2003 Philippine Daily Inquirer/ YOU Section

Instead of frolicking in the snow
I will have to color my world in sorrow

Instead of wearing green and red
I will have to wear the color of the dead

Instead of going to the ballgames
I’ll have to go to church and pray
For the people who lost everything.

Requiem for the dead…

Albay 2006


Anonymous said...

Dear Bill;

Magnificent poetry for this christmas holidays! I came to share with your loneliness in grieving for those who lost in the disaster in our home province.But for the sake of christmas, let me wish you a "merry christmas and a hopeful new year!"

New York Friend

snglguy said...

Dare I say that you miss home? It's just a phone call away...

Great writings by the way. Wish I can write as well.

Bill Mitsuru Shimizu said...

NY Friend,

thanks a lot. :) Merry X-mas to you too and a Happy New Year.


well what can i say?:)
tnx for d cmplmnts my frnd:) u do write well din po:)

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